Poll: What Shotgun Gauges Do You Reload Most?

Hey everyone- as I recently mentioned, I’m gearing up for some great shotshell reloading content this year! In order to prioritize my content, I’d love to hear about what shotgun gauges you reload most! This will help me prioritize content. This time you can pick more than one answer! (just fill in all that you reload for).

What shotgun gauges do you reload?

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15 thoughts on “Poll: What Shotgun Gauges Do You Reload Most?”

  1. none. Used to reload a lot of them

    The price delta for 12ga reloads, and bulk buy gunclub loads, just isn’t enough given the cost of components anymore.

    1. I agree with you JD on the 12 gauge for sure. The only way to really load 12 gauge target loads on the cheap is to purchase reclaimed shot and and also use 7/8 oz. loads.
      As far as all the sub gauges it makes real sense to relaod for sure. I do still however reload 12 gauge just because I can make lighter loads with less recoil. But I only shoot 12 gauge for sporty’s once every couple of weeks…

    1. That’s strange- I was able to get multiple checkboxes to check, but didn’t hit “Vote” because I dont’ want to throw off the numbers. 🙂

  2. 12 GA is kind of like the universal round/chambering I’d say…..one thing you can count on…you can find 12 GA ammo anywheres ammo is sold.

    Whereas the 30-06 and the 308 Winchester cartridges are the level by which other cartridge performance are measured (And why so many great cartridge chamberings are based upon!)….and can be found anywheres….there are reasons to have other gauges….but across the spectrum…12 GA is such a great round. Not too overpowering and certainly not underpowered. Slug/buckshot/birdshot of all sizes.

    I need to gear up for reloading buckshot. And casting my own buckshot of course. I cast for slugs now. Seen the price of name brand buckshot lately??!! WOW!! I’m looking at about $1.00 a box for reloading buckshot shotshells or about 20 cents per round lead included. This is a hobby so we cannot figure in our time for this or any reloading.

    Looking forward to any info/advice.

  3. Gavin,
    I load 12 gauge but as long as you can buy Federal #7.5 bird shot target loads for $6 a box it’s just as cheap to buy factory. I shoot 3gun. For me I save the most money by loading 00 Buck, slugs and the heavier 3in magnum (#4 shot) myself. I also cast my own slugs and buck with the Lee molds & melting pot. I think it would be most interesting if you also focused time on loading buck and slugs. Most slug loading data involves the use of a full wad with pedals and usually this makes the shell too fat to chamber properly. I cut the petals off and usually put cardboard spacers in. The recepies don’t often give good shells that chamber properly. I find 00 buck to be even worst that the pellets create dimples in the hull walls and can also not chamber well. The standard 00 pellet size (1/8 oz) I make & reload is slightly larger diameter than the 00 pellets you see in factory rounds (which are also slightly less than 1/8oz). I would also like to see something on adding buffer media to a buckshot shell or how to build slugs not with the standard shot wad but with a BPGS gas shield, fiber wad, etc.. There are such recepies in the Lyman shotshell loading manual.

  4. With the price of components I have switched to 410 exclusively (6 years ago).
    Very cheap to shoot and I have a bunch of WC820 powder. About $3 a box.

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