Q&A: What type reloading press should I start off with? – Part II

Recently, I gave an overview of the different types of reloading presses, and outlined some guidelines for selecting the type of press that best suits your needs. You can read that post HERE. I this post, I’ve created a video that shows you these types of presses (single-stage, turret, progressive) side by side. In addition, I talk through the advantages and disadvantages of each type of press.

There, now that you’ve read about each type of press, and also seen each type of press up close, you’ll have a much easier time buying equipment if this your first time around the “reloading block”.

Once you settle on a type of press, you can the start the process of “narrowing down” your selection between the many presses that are available in each category.

Happy reloading!

6 thoughts on “Q&A: What type reloading press should I start off with? – Part II”

  1. Gavin, good review.

    Love the quality of your videos!

    I think you should have shown the process of inserting the brass and such for each press.

    I am sure some of your viewers are not as savy as you about presses.

    Also, would have bee nice to show the Redding T-7 Turret press or the Lyman T-Mag to show manual indexing vs. the Lee auto indexing turret presses.


    1. John,

      Redding is made in USA and of top of the line quality.

      Wonder why they do not make an Auto Progressive Press?

      The T-7 Turret is built like a tank!

  2. Great video.! I really like the way the presses are mounted to the wok bench. Do you have the specs or can you point me to where I can duplicate your setup.? Lastly, could you show or point me to a how-to on mounting my bullet tray to the front of the LnL press as you have done. Thanks in advance

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