Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Tip: Quick Change Powder Through Expander Linkage

Over the last year, I’ve had a lot of questions about the Hornady PTX expander system, and how to get it to work. I thought I would take this opportunity to talk briefly about the “magic PTX bracket linkage thingy” that many of you have asked about specifically. The official name of this item is the “Hornady Quick Change Powder Through Expander Linkage”. This device makes it much easier to adjust the amount of “belling” that you put on a case when using the PTX expander. What’s more – it also works with the aftermarket PowderFunnels.com insert- something I’m currently testing.

Hornady Quick Change PTX Linkage as installed on powder measure - Image Copyright 2012 Utlimate Reloader
Hornady Quick Change PTX Linkage - what's included - Image Copyright 2012 Utlimate Reloader

This linkage is actually included with newer presses. What if you have an older press? No problem. You can order these online using the following Hornady #: 290049. For convenience, a Midway product link is HERE.

I would suggest getting this addition if you don’t already have it since it makes fine tuning the case bell SO much easier (in fact: about as easy as it can be on any press with a combo charge/expansion station!).

Happy loading!

17 thoughts on “Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Tip: Quick Change Powder Through Expander Linkage”

  1. FYI, the lock nuts are missing in the photo of the part laying flat. They are important to have on the cap screws to keep the length adjustment locked.

  2. During the wintertime I am having trouble with the powder sticking to the plastic powder holder on my Hornaday reloader (static electricity) any ideas on how to eliminate this?

  3. It looks like you could cobble one together using a trunbuckle and a couple of bolts and washers. Would still like to see a set up demo.

      1. Get a can of Static Guard. Alternatively, you can still find the piezo powered static guns that were common when vinyl records were the audio format of choice.

  4. Im interested in a PTX funnel, does the powder hopper linkage have to be updated to the latest style? I think I have the previous generation, LNL was built in roughly 04-05

    1. Matt, it should work on any LNL but more importantly it will work on yours. But if you’re still unsure, you can always just call Hornady to be sure.

  5. I have the PTX funnel. Been toying with the idea/wondering how it would work with one shaped to function like an M-die instead of just the taper.

  6. I am using the Hornady LNL which I bought last December 2012. I have discoloration in the powder hopper tube and divits in the tube due to leaving powder in for a day or two (my bad). When I clean it out to change powders, although I do remove every grain of powder, will the residue left on the tube interfere with the new powder.

  7. Gavin, Will you be doing a video on setting up the Hornady Quick Change PTX Linkage? Hornady’s instructions are lacking information and a video would be a great help. Thanks for all your other videos they have been very helpful,

  8. I am having trouble with the powder measure setup using a Hornady ptx expander.
    1. The powder measure will not go all the way back to refill.
    2. The ptx quick change linkage top adjusting screw hits the bottom of the casting and will not fit properly.
    3. When using the hornady powder feed tube, all is well.

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