OT: A Great Stocking Stuffer Idea

It’s Christmas time- that wonderful time of year when we all look forward to exchanging gifts, being together, and hopefully playing in the snow. I did a quick write-up on Christmas gift lists over on NWGUN (What’s on your Christmas list?), but I thought of one more item that I think I will ask for as a “Stocking Stuffer”. It’s a brand new 2000hp Cummins V-16 engine on a pallet. At 12,000lb, this is a substantial gift!

Here’s a Youtube video posted by “semidiesel” showing this magical unit coming to life:

What a wonderful sound! The “5 oil filters in a row” adds a great visual for this majestic piece of equipment. I’m not sure what I would do with this engine (until I found a fishing boat being parted out to put it in) – but I do think it would look great in the back yard, and could make a great conversation starter for visiting friends.

So what’s on your list? 🙂


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