Ultimate Reloader is moving to Feedburner for subscriptions and RSS!

Hey all- I  really appreciate the response that I’ve gotten from you all regarding email and RSS subscriptions! This is a great way to stay posted on what’s going on here at www.ultimatereloader.com . I have however had trouble with my my current (as of yesterday) solution for email notifications. To make a long story short, my hosting provider does not allow for the type of traffic that I’ve generated for email notifications.

So, if you want to subscribe to email notifications for the first time, it’s easy, just click this link:

Subscribe to Ultimate Reloader Email Notifications

Unfortunately, if you’ve already signed up for email notifications, you’ll need to re-subscribe. This is necessary so that Feedburner can limit spammers, and that’s a good thing!

Some benefits to Feedburner:

  • Reliable notifications
  • Better visual format
  • Better spammer protection for us
  • Once daily notifications that encompass multiple blog post summaries (if multiple blogs posted here)

Thanks everyone for your support!


One thought on “Ultimate Reloader is moving to Feedburner for subscriptions and RSS!”

  1. Hey Gavin, just wanted to let you know that a bunch of us are reading your RSS feed and since you switched to FeedBurner, images and YouTube videos no longer showing up in our feed readers.

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