What’s your favorite tool?

Image Copyright 2010 Ultimate Reloader
Image Copyright 2010 Ultimate Reloader

If you’re like me, you really really enjoy tools. Shopping for tools, refurbishing tools, using tools, collecting tools, thinking about tools. It’s really my passion for tools and machinery that led me to want to put this website and blog together. So that got me to thinking- what’s your favorite tool? I know this is a hard one- perhaps impossible to answer. There are different ways to answer this question as well- What’s the tool you use most frequently? What’s the tool that you make the most money with? What’s the tool you enjoy picking up? What’s the tool you enjoy looking at the most?

After thinking about this some more, I’m not really sure this question can be answered. My 1955 Logan Model 1922 metal lathe would be a good candidate, but I use my precision measurement tools more frequently. At the same time, I really like my cameras (I think of them as tools). How about a good 5-station reloading press with bullet feeder and case feeder attached…

I’m not sure I can pick just one. 🙂

4 thoughts on “What’s your favorite tool?”

  1. I too enjoy tools. I have a full woodshop, the makings of a machine shop and a Dillion 650 with case feeder. I had to think hard of what my favorite tool is though. My favorite motorized tool is a Makita Cordless Drill. But my very favorite tool, is one that I carry with me every day, it’s my Case Yellow handled Medium Stockman Knife. It gets more use than all of my other tools combined.

  2. I had a lot of mechanic tools over the years and always bought sets. Now adays my Dillion 650 with case feeder is number 1. Out of the small hand tools I use with that my vernier calipers and case gauges get the most use.

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