16 thoughts on “Lee Classic Turret Loading .223 Remington Part I”

  1. Gavin: I’m about to purchase a Lee Classic Turret Press. Can you tell me a little about the steel mount you have the press mounted on? It seems very substantial.

    1. You bet! Here’s some plans for the Hornady LnL-AP- all you’d need to modify would be the hole pattern for the Classic Turret.

      Sold mount == better functioning press!

    1. Gavin

      I really like the the roller handle for the Lee Classic Turret and tried to purchase one from your site. I was unabel to oder one because they are out of stock and would not accpet a back-order. Any idea when will be available again?


  2. Hello Gavin:

    Thank you for your efforts with these tutorials! In this video, you mention there’s an Ultimate Reloader Ergonomic Reloading Handle available at http://ultimatereloader.com/Lee. Unfortunately this URL does not exist, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Please update/assist at your convenience.

  3. nice video, thanks.
    I’m just getting going with classic turret. i have been loading handgun but want to start .223 on it. I have a question on your process. when did you trim cases? doesn’t this need to be done after sizing?
    thanks for your input

  4. I’m probably going to pick one of these turret presses up. And right now it’s looking like I’m going to get the Deluxe kit http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productNumber=622290 from midway. But my question is, I really like the setup that you have. Is there a way you could post a parts list of what all components you have minus the caliber specific dies? That way I can compare it with what I have in my cart to see if there’s anything I’m missing?

    Great videos. Found them very helpful.


    1. Ash- have you thought about the cast iron lee turret? If you’re going to keep it long term, I think you may be more happy with that setup. Both work however!

  5. Hi. I’m really new to reloading. Actually just started to reload pistol ammunition. My understanding is that the Lee seating die has a crimp built in. So why the 4th factory crimp die? Or do you have the 3rd seating die crimp unscrewed and prefer the factory crimp instead? Really new but am curious if the questions made sense.

  6. Gavin,
    I think i have watched all the lee 223 videos at least a couple times and very good videos. How are you removing a primer crimp?
    Thank you,

  7. Gavin,
    I’m interested in the Ultimate Reloader ergonomic roller handle for my Lee Classic Turret press. You have it in this video (appears around the 3:00 min mark). The video tells me there is more information available on your web site, but I can’t find it. How do I get one of these roller handles?
    Kevin S.

  8. Gavin,
    I have been trying to find some info on using a hornady case activated powder measure with the lee classic turret press. Where im located getting the same powder constantly is almost impossible, i load 223 and have used h335, cfe223, imr4895, imr4064, imr3031, imr4007ssc, h4895, h322, arcomp, and win748. Pretty much anything i can get my hands on, and the lee auto disk isnt too great with any of the longer grain powders. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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