9 thoughts on “Hornady LNL-AP 9mm part II (HD)”

  1. Hi, your videos are really cool, very informative and is really helping a lot, I think not only to beginners like me but to experienced reloaders as well. I am now decided to purchase a Hornady progressive because of the very reasonable pricing. I have a question regarding the powder checker. Can I use the dillon powder checker in L n L? I just think that an audible warning is better than the visual one. This should eliminate one thing to be paying attention to. Thanks.

    1. Francis- you may be able to make that work, but you could also use a powder check or lockout die, and get warning that way. Let me know if you get it working!

  2. Gavin,

    Thanks for your very helpful videos.

    I’m wondering, do you taper crimp your 9mm loads? You don’t seem to have that step on your video, and I get varying answers as to whether you need to crimp 9mm. Thanks in advance.

  3. Gavin,

    I’m looking to reload primarily 9mm luger rounds. Which progressive press do you prefer between Hornady & RCBS and why? Cost is not so much an issue…I’m looking for quality equipment that produces accurate and consistent results. Thank you for the great website. Donovan

  4. Do you have videos showing the set-up of the dies? Or do you have instructions. I am setting up a Hornady LNL-AP. I am getting ready to reload .44 mag. I saw a post that you were preparing a full set up video. There are some minor gaps in the Hornady video. Questions …
    Which power drop tube (there are three) insert corresponds with which caliber. I am thinking the middle one will be appropriate with the .44 cartridge.
    I also would like to know which charge level do you change to the smaller powder cylinder … is there a range?
    I would also like to see you actually calibrate the dies.

  5. Hi, great videos all round. It really assisted me in understanding a lot about reloading.

    Im looking into purchasing a press, am really interested in the Hornady LnL AP. I came across a video where this guy was really hammering Hornady about that the primer seater doesn’t work very well, so I thought who better to ask than someone who uses it and other presses. Have you found the Hornady to have any such problem? Or any problem with the Ez-ject system? Thanks in advance for your assistance and great videos once again.

  6. I would also like to how you set up the dies, more importantly the seating and crimping die you have set up in this video.


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