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  1. How tall is the case feeder assembly from the top (tool head) of the press? I have a limited ceiling height and would love to know before purchasing it…or sawing the legs down on my bench!

    1. Hi Jake- If you measure from the surface (bench, stand, etc) that your press is mounted to, the top of the case feeder is 37″ inches high from that surface. Note that you’ll also need about 8-12″ of additional clearance to access the top of the case feed bowl to fill/empty brass and to change out case feeder plates.

  2. Thank You admin! I appreciate it. Side note…would you be able to email me…I’m interested in knowing how difficult or how much of a PITA it is to remove the case feeder. I have 41″ of room.

  3. Question on a Winchester powder. Hornady’s reloading book shows that WIN ACT PIST, or believed to also be WAP will work well with all of the pistols, 9mm, 40 S&W, and 357 sig. my problem is when i went to buy WIN ACT PIST the only logical choice was Winchester Auto Comp Smokeless Powder. Are these powers exactly the same or do i need to add or subtract grains?

  4. Hello I have a little question about if I could use the Lee carbide dies with the Hornady LNL and if so what would be the set up for them, thanks

  5. Is there a way when you want to load a not so large capacity of cases. where tube 2 feet long to stack empty cases. If any one is familar with the case feeding action of the Lee 100, they manually drop and are fed to the first die station for resising and decaping. The Hornady has that motorized case feeder (17026). Is there a way to eliminate #17026 which is for a large capacity and just stack like clear plastic tube and they drop into position as the progression continues.

  6. Craig- not that I’m aware of. The only way you can add a case feed system to the Hornady is to buy the case feeder with motorized bowl collator.

    Interesting, because what you describe is basically the Dillon XL-650 when you don’t buy the case feeder (the Dillon case feeder kit is just the motorized case collator bowl, the lower parts come with the press and caliber conversion kits).

  7. Simple question. How long is the little dowel that you inserted while testing the set-up? And thanks for all your wonderful work here!

  8. hell love your videos is nice to watch something you can also see what the person is talking about. i have been thinking alot about getting this press and my ? is in regards to lee dies pistol and rifle. can you use both on the lnl and with the lee the bellling of the case is done with the powder drop so you would end up with a extra station

  9. Hello, Great video’s thanks. I have a question on my LNL AP. I’m planning to use Redding Pro Series Die Sets in Titanium Carbide 9mm # 89172 just because they come with a seperate seat and crimp die. So my setup is in station 1 Size and decap, station 2 PTX, Station 3 RCBS lock out, station 4 Seat, station 5 Crimp.
    Do you see a problem with this setup? On your video for 45acp I see your setup is like the way I have listed.
    I’m loading for my Glock 19, 26 and Kahr CW9

  10. When listening to many other progressive press reloading videos, it seems like the most common problem people report is the need for fine tuning of the indexing after loading several hundred rounds. Some how, the indexing gets off by a tiny amount and then needs readjusted. What is the cause of this problem on the Hornady LNL? Is this a design flaw? Is it also an issue on the Dillon 650? How can the problem be eliminated… or is it not possible to eliminate and just an issue that must be dealt with in the Hornady LNL AP press?

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