2 thoughts on “XL650 Caliber Change 22-250 to 45ACP Part II (HD)”

  1. This was a very helpful vid. Thanks for posting it. I wish we could compare it with other press choices like the 550 or LNL AP.

    Generalized, what kind of calibre change times are we talking about for the 550, 650 (~18min. in the vid, but perhaps shorter in practice?), LNL AP?


    1. Generally the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP takes about 10 minutes with primer size change and 5 minutes without for simple setups with dies already set (powder measure height may incur additional time as well, I use a shim washer trick for simple setups).

      The XL650 generally takes about 5-10 minutes longer, especially when you need to change over primer sizes. The case feeder is much quicker to swap between caliber sizes however.

      I don’t have a 550 yet, so I’m not really sure. Eventually I’d like to get videos up for all the Dillon progressives.

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