Hornady GS-350 Electronic Scale (HD)

In this video, you’ll see an overview of the Hornady GS-350 electronic reloading scale, and the Hornady powder trickler in action. You will learn about the basic features of this scale, see what’s included, and observe how you can use the scale with the Hornady powder trickler to manually weigh powder charges. If you order the Hornady Lock-N-Load classic reloading kit, this scale is included making the package deal one of the best values out there.

Long-term update: After using this scale for a while, I’m truly fond of how it works! It is very accurate, easy to zero, and folds up with powder tray into a compact unit. A great value!

4 thoughts on “Hornady GS-350 Electronic Scale (HD)”

  1. Adding a electronic scale like this to your tool box is a great step up from a balance scale…. I recomend the use of precision wt. standards or verified secondary standards close to your typical load range as a quality check for your scale.

  2. Hi Gavin,
    I was curious if you had tried the RCBS Chargemaster 1500 combo scale/dispenser unit and if you are planning on acquiring the new Hornady LNL Auto Load model that’s coming out here pretty soon. It sounds like the RCBS unit is excellent, yet $320 (on up) is fairly steep for me. With the Hornady at $240, I’m anxious to see how she performs;). Thanks again for all of your time spent making these videos and managing the site! It has been extremely helpful and plain-old fun for me.

  3. The Hornady Lock N Load classic kit no longer includes this scale. They now include the cheaper GS-1500 scale. What was the price of the kit when they included the GS-350?

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