LNL-AP Overview

In this post, you’ll learn about the basic construction and features of the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive reloading press including:

  • The unique Lock-N-Load bushing system
  • About the shellplate and case retention system
  • How the priming system works
  • How the powder measure works

You may also want to view the newer HD videos on this site showing the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP progressive reloading press in action, and features of the new EZ-Ject system.

6 thoughts on “LNL-AP Overview”

  1. My brothers & I split the cost of a LNL AP in November. We had some hiccups getting it going but once it was dialed-in it works great. Here’s some of the things we encountered & our fixes.
    Our first problem was with the primer feed, it would occasionally hang up. Follwing advice found among the feedback at midwayusa, we took time to chamfer/round all the edges that looked like a primer might catch on with a small file. viola… problem solved.
    Another minor problem was found in the advancing of the shell plate, it just needed some careful adjustment of the pawls and it was good to go. (basics on this are in the LNL user manual)

    I also posted some more problems we encountered & our fixes on the page with the powder measure video.

  2. I received my Hornady Lock n Load AP 3 weeks ago and I must say I am so happy with this press. Unlike a few reviews I have read where people had to adjust the indexing pawls to get them in sync, mine was perfect right out of the box. I am currently loading .45acp, .40S&W, and .223 with this press and it has performed flawlessly with all calibers.

    One issue I did have with the press after set up was the primer pick up not quite retracting far enough to pick up a primer. I just carefully bent the guide rod into proper alignment and it has run perfectly ever since.

    Overall I am a very happy camper, this press has features that really give the Dillions a run for their money. Also its a couple hundred dollars less than a comparable Dillion. Hornadys Lock n Load die system is second to none, once your dies are set and locked down they are SET…no more adjusting each time you want to change over calibers, just swap dies out and lock em down. Piece of cake.

    I’ve only added one upgrade and that is the Hornady powder cop die which I believe is a must have when running a progressive press. In the future I will be adding the case feeder. If anyone is trying to decide which progressive to buy just save yourself the headaches and get the Hornady, you wont be disappointed.

    1. Awesome! Glad you like it. And I totally agree that a powder check system is very important. I’m just about to set up for .223 for the first time on mine. Looking forward to it! (Have done 22-250 and 30-06 for rifle on the Lock-N-Load).

  3. What did you do for the primer tube that flows under the press for spent primers? Did you fabricate some type of cup or anything or just let them flow freely?


    1. I just let the primer drop tube hang in a small bucket, I have a short bench and sit while loading. The hose is about 10″ off the floor. If you stand at your bench, you could attach a container to the bench frame to catch primers or attach a small container to the end of the hose.

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