Removing a Rifle Barrel The Easy Way (SAC Bravo and Vise Stand Demo)

I’ve always used bench-mounted barrel vises, but recently installed a new floor-mounted setup at my gunsmithing shop, Precision Rifle Concepts! 


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About the SAC Vise Stand

I’ve previously shown the Short Action Customs Modular Barrel Vise and Bravo Barrel Vise, here’s our video from that story:

This time I’m combining them with a SAC multi-base and the SAC stand

From Short Action Customs

Made in the USA

Weight: 800 oz.

Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 40 in. 

Once I drilled the holes and securely mounted the stand on the floor, I realized just how much room I had freed up on my bench not having to mount it there. I can work with a 10 foot barrel if I wanted to. This stand is also incredibly sturdy.


As I demo, I have a 25 Creedmoor barrel I’d like to swap. The barrel shank measures 1 ¼”. Using a trick I learned from Short Action Customs, I wrapped some drywall tape around the barrel against the action before installing the 1 ¼” bushing over top. Next I slid the barrel into the vise and torqued the vise nuts down. SAC provides specifications for this, but I can tell by feel. Next, using the Short Action Customs Modular Action Wrench with the head for the Terminus action, I loosened the barrel. It was a very simple process. As a side note, I particularly like using TW-25B lubricant. This heavy duty grease was recommended to me by BAT Machine and works very well. 

After removing the action, you can loosen the top block clamping bolts. I like to support the barrel and give it a spin. This particular vise (the Bravo) has springs that lift the top block up which is nice! Last is guiding the barrel back through.

Also key is the ARCA mounting system included with SAC barrel vise kits and sold separately. This system allows you to quickly switch vises or swap a vise with any ARCA compatible accessory. 

Get the Gear! 

All of these products are available directly from Short Action Customs. 

SAC Vise Stand

SAC Multi-Base

Bravo Barrel Vise

Bravo Barrel Vise Full Kit 

Modular Barrel Vise Full Kit

ARCA Mounting Base

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