Frankford Arsenal X-10 Update (Summer 2022)

Recently, during a visit with Frankford Arsenal engineer Mike Lindsay, I had the opportunity to get a quick update on the X-10 press from Frankford Arsenal. Here I’ll share the latest on the launch of this new reloading press!

Pilot Program

As we speak, Frankford Arsenal is preparing to roll out a limited number of machines for testing prior to broad public availability. For the latest details, check out the X-10 product page.

The goal of this program is to get feedback from these pilot program participants to ensure the highest level of quality for the launch. I guess you could say I’ve been a part of this program, and have worked directly with Frankford Arsenal to provide testing feedback, and have had multiple parts/components updates in the months leading up to the pilot program. So far I’ve loaded 223 Remington, 9mm, and 308 Winchester. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all think of this machine!

Public Availability

Public availability is currently planned for some time during the Summer of 2022, and you can bet that when I have more information I will share it with all of you! Stay tuned.

X-10 Design Features Discussion with Mike Lindsay

When I asked Mike about some of his favorite X-10 features, here’s what we discussed:

  • Dual decapping stations: Decapping failures were a source of trouble for Mike with other progressive machines, so he designed the machine with dual decapping stations: you can run a dedicated decapper in one station, and a sizer/de-primer in the second station. Decapping is all but guaranteed at that point!
  • 10 stations: Provides the user of the machine maximum flexibility while loading (especially for setup!)
  • Rotary priming system – safe and reliable with two witness holes, one for the staged primer (just before priming), and one to validate primer was primed (should be empty) after priming
  • Powder measure: physical reset rod ensures measure won’t stick in “up” position!
  • Integrated light and sensor ports: built right into the toolhead

X-10 In Action

Here’s my latest story covering the X-10 hands on: loading 9mm parabellum:

Find out more at Frankford Arsenal

You can find out the latest on the Frankford Arsenal X-10 product page:

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