Caldwell E-MAX Pro BT Hearing Protection (with Bluetooth)

Your hearing protection is one of the most important items in your range bag. In this story we’ll take a look at Caldwell’s E-MAX Pro BT Bluetooth-enabled over the ear active hearing protection. This budget friendly hearing protection is packed with features- let’s check it out!


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About Caldwell E-MAX Pro BT Hearing Protection

From the Caldwell Product Page:

The Caldwell E-Max Pro Electronic Earmuffs with Bluetooth feature high quality hearing protection with an all-day comfortable fit at an affordable price. The E-Max Pro with Bluetooth is compatible with many devices including cell phones and tablets. It features a low-profile design for an uninterrupted cheek weld and a 24dB noise reduction rating.


  • Bluetooth Compatible with Mobile Devices
  • 24db Noise Reduction Rating
  • Low-Profile Design for Uninterrupted Cheek Weld
  • High Quality Stereo Sound
  • Easy to Use Push Button Volume Controls
  • Illuminated On/Off Indicator
  • Auto-Shutoff (4 Hours without Touching Controls)
  • Runs on Caldwell’s Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Pack (Included) or 3 AAA Batteries
  • Compact Folding Design

Easy Bluetooth Pairing

Pairing E-MAX Pro BT is easy, just turn on the hearing protection, tap the power button (short press) to enable Bluetooth, and then select the “CALDWELL” device from  your phone or tablet. Note: You’ll need discovery mode enabled on your device! You can turn Bluetooth on and off at any time by pressing the power button with a short press.

Shooting Impressions

Since getting my E-MAX Pro BT hearing protection, I’ve used them for the following shooting scenarios:

  • AK-47 (no muzzle device) shooting steel targets
  • 308 Winchester long range prone shooting (with brake)
  • Suppressed 9mm shooting on steel (PCC and Glock) – subsonic

This hearing protection has worked well for these scenarios. The active amplification also works well, there’s no problem hearing other shooters at the range while holding a conversation. Muzzle blast is cut off without any amplification of loud noises that I’ve perceived so far. When shooting suppressed subsonic loads on steel, you can hear the “ring” of the steel quite clearly which is quite rewarding.

Ranch Work

Here at the “Ultimate Reloader Ranch” a day rarely goes by without some serious ranch work taking place. So I decided to put the Caldwell E-Max Pro BT hearing protection to the test here at the ranch. I recently used this hearing protection while running a chainsaw, operating my Case 590 SM backhoe, running a log splitter, and more. It’s been nice to listen to my music via Bluetooth, and I have at times forgotten that I’m wearing the E-Max Pro BT. Unlike some hearing protection I’ve used, the clamping force is just right, not excessive (which can lead to headaches) or too light (they stay put on my head). Overall I’m very happy with the E-MAX Pro BT for both shooting and non-shooting tasks. And the price is right!

Get the Gear

If you’re interested in the Caldwell E-Max Pro BT hearing protection, you can get them directly from Caldwell:

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