UR Update: Win $50 Starline Brass Gift Certificate!

Here we are! Time for another UR update. Hope everyone is having a great summer, I am for sure. I’ve been shooting pretty much every day, and have been working on some great projects and stories. In this update, I’ll announce the Lyman All American 8 turret press winner, and give you all a chance at winning a $50.00 gift certificate for Starline Brass!

Winner from Last Challenge

Please join me in congratulating Aaron Peterson for his great hunting-reloading story, here’s the challenge that was issued:

Aaron shared a great writeup, here’s what Aaron said:

My go-to Hunting load is a 308win. My bullet of choice is a 195gr Sierra TMK loaded in a Winchester case, using Varget, and a F210M primer. I’ve already taken several deer with it, including my son’s first deer. The last 100 I loaded was using my Hornady LnL AP press. I start out with new Winchester brass that I run through a pilot mandrel for my K&M neck turner, then I neck turn them and deburr the flash holes. Then they all get ran through my FL sizing die with the expander ball/button removed to over size the neck. Then they all get ran through another mandrel that opens the necks back up to leave them all with a uniform tension, proving .003” of bullet tension. After that, they get trimmed, chamfered, and deburred, then take a trip in the dry media tumbler to remove the lube. After that, they all get inspected and primed by hand. I then setup my press with just a powder through die with a funnel, and a Redding competition seating die. I still measure each charge individually using my digital scale, and poor it into the case with the powder die and funnel. The competition die provides no more than .002” of bullet runout, and with the LnL AP press, I was able to achieve spot on consistent seating depth with each round. This load, out of my Savage 10 24” 1:10 twist rifle, produces 2680fps at the muzzle and goes subsonic right around 1500 yards. It has plenty of sectional density to hold up on those close range shots, yet is still frangible enough to adequately expand as far as 1000 yards on game. It also shoots 1/2 MOA, which is necessary in my opinion for those long range shots.

Pictures: (that’s Aaron’s kid who took a deer with this rifle and load!)

New Challenge

This week’s challenge is more general- share your hunting story for a chance to win a $50.00 Starline gift certificate! That would go a long way towards some great new rifle or pistol brass!

Good luck everyone, and don’t miss out on Ultimate Reloader updates, make sure you’re subscribed!



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