Overview: Inline Fabrication Quick Change Press Mounting System

Are you one of those people (like me) that want their cake, and you want to eat it too? When it comes to press mounting solutions, I want a setup that’s *both* totally rock-solid *and* super quick to setup and swap presses with. In this post, I’m going to cover a product lineup from Inline Fabrication called the Quick Change Press Mounting System. With this upgrade, you can have the solid features of the UltraMount press mount, and swap out presses that attach to the UltraMount in about 30 seconds.

Let me show you how this works in this video:

As you saw in the video, you get everything needed to convert your UltraMount to a quick-change configuration. Here’s the side-by-side showing the UltraMount in “stock” configuration:

Inline Quick Change Parts Before 2000

With the Quick Change Base Plate, you’ll get the following:

  • Quick Change Base Plate
  • Base Plate mounting screws, washers, nuts (utilizes longer mounting bolts compared with the “stock” top plate)
  • Quick change thumb screws

In addition to Quick Change Base Plate, you’ll need Top Plates for each of the presses that you want to use with the Quick Change Press Mounting System. In the video above, I showed both the Dillon 550b, and the Lock-N-Load Iron presses, which each required a top plate. These plates are specific to each press for mounting hole layouts and come with the appropriate mounting hardware for your press, but there’s also a “Blank Top Plate” that you can drill your own holes in for a variety of devices including bench vices, etc.

I like this system a lot, and have worked with Dan from Inline Fabrication to save you all some $$$ on this system. For a limited time you can use this Ultimate Reloader exclusive coupon code to get 10% off on ALL Quick Change Gear from Inline Fabrication:


I’m off to do some precision rifle reloading, but look for more Inline Fabrication highlights soon: I have some more cool add-ons to share!


5 thoughts on “Overview: Inline Fabrication Quick Change Press Mounting System”

    1. Yeah, I did a two-part series on the “NO B.S.” policy- see http://ultimatereloader.com/2011/06/27/dillon-no-b-s-warranty-part-1/ and http://ultimatereloader.com/2011/06/30/dillon-no-b-s-warranty-part-2-after/

      I’ve talked to a lot of people, and the “your mileage may vary” applies here. Unfortunately the Dillon guys have been the *least* responsive and polite to me. I’d like to show more Dillon content because I know many of you are interested, but if Dillon doesn’t want to “partner” with me, that makes it very difficult.

  1. Gavin

    I would like to know how you built your table, I’m currently building a reloading table. How did you put the tracks in and how do you use them? Also the steel L Channel at the front of your table how is that used?

    Thank You
    Lowell Miller

    1. Gavin,

      I, like Lowell – July 14, 2016, would like to know about the table. Specifically the slotted channels and how to install and set them up. I just received a Lee bench priming tool and thought it would be nice to reconfigure my bench in the process. I have other hobbies and could use the space for other things from time to time

  2. Hi –
    I like the look of this system but I’m curious how you store your presses that are not currently in use, something like a shelf with bolts to secure the plate?

    Also, how do you find the T-Track works with heavier progressive presses? I have a LnL AP with the case feeder and I wonder how much flex I can expect using t-track and an ultramount vs an ultramount bolted right to the bench (benchtop is a fire rated solid core door).

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