RCBS Pro Chucker 7: Loading 9mm with Style

It’s pretty exciting to upgrade to a 7-station reloading press. I’ve often thought “I don’t *NEED* a couple more stations, but it shure would be nice!”. Well now I have that chance, the opportunity to “stretch out and move about the cabin” as it were with my die station utilizations. Following on the heels of the unboxing video for the RCBS Pro Chucker 7, in this post I’ll walk through a killer 9mm Parabellum loading setup, and will test out some of the ammunition as well in my custom Glock 19 (be sure to watch the video).

RCBS Pro Chucker 7 Loading 9mm Tall

The RCBS Pro Chucker 7 is a great setup for loading pistol (and very soon I’ll find out about rifle and show that to you all). I really like the new Uniflow powder measure (you can swap out all metering inserts for both pistol or rifle without having to remove/swap the drum!). This new powder measure will hold about two pounds of powder- something I’m sure I’ll really appreciate when loading larger rifle cartridges like 6.5 Creedmoor and 308 Winchester. For pistol this capacity is very nice as well.

I worked out a really great die station layout for this setup, check it out:


Here’s what I have going on in this setup:

  • Station 1: RCBS 9mm sizer/de-primer
  • Station 2: RCBS expander die (can adjust bell with stem, a very nice feature!)
  • Station 3: Powder charge (std. pistol metering insert)
  • Station 4: Hornady Powder Cop die
  • Station 5: Hornady 9mm bullet seat die
  • Station 6: RCBS 9mm bullet seat/crimp die (not adjusted to crimp at all)
  • Station 7: LEE 9mm Factory Crimp die

You may wonder what someone would ever do with 7 stations, but I’ll tell you: it’s really nice to have a bunch of options for die setups (and you don’t have to use all stations, it’s OK to leave one or more stations empty).

Check out this video that I put together, it was a really nice shooting session in the snow, but next time I’m going to bring glove liners to use as shooting gloves!

So far I’m really liking the RCBS Pro Chucker 7, be sure to stay tuned because there’s lots more Pro Chucker content coming!


13 thoughts on “RCBS Pro Chucker 7: Loading 9mm with Style”

  1. Too bad that the plastic primer feed system on the new Pro Chucker is so poorly designed. It would be a nice loader if the primers would feed.

  2. Mahalo, Gavin, for your clear, concise videos! They are very helpful to us old guys who’ve been away from reloading for a long while.

  3. From the first time I saw you on you tube I liked your presentation because you just flow through the item you are discussing and break it down simply for some of us who don’t catch it the first time.In fact, my RCBS single stage, Redding T7 Turret & Hornady AP reloader purchases were bought thanks to your encouragement on how to use this products Gavin.You make reloading sessions fun-not complicated and dry and that is what these companies that want to get their products out there need-a great promoter-a good,clear spoke person!!!! Thanks.Once again enjoyed your video on the RCBS Pro Chuker 7

  4. Thanks for the great videos. I have been looking for a progressive press for a year. When the RCBS Pro 5 press came out I thought I had the answer but almost every other reviewer and many owners have had awful experiences with the primer feed system. You didn’t say anything about it in either your Pro 5 or Pro 7 reviews. It makes me a little uncomfortable that you ignored that part of the story since it seems to be a pretty fundamental problem and is the major story line around this new piece of equipment. So what’s the deal? Does it work or is it a coverup? I’d really love to see this press with the RCBS ABS primer system. How about you?

    1. Hey Leo- I’m not surprised that you are wondering about that! I have actually experienced some issues with the priming system on the Pro Chucker (5 and 7) – but have worked out some solutions to these issues and the presses are running great now. I haven’t posted about it yet because I’m working with RCBS on some of these issues, but don’t worry- I’ll be posting a full write-up on what I’ve found, and will detail what RCBS is doing regarding these issues. It’s worth noting that they have already made modifications to the sub-plate (below shellplate) to address one of the biggest issues. I’ve already upgraded both presses with these new parts, but have also devised some additional optimizations that I’ll include in my writeup(s).

      1. Gavin,
        Thanks for your reply. I decided to buy a single stage press and use the APS primer system while RCBS works out a suitable priming system for their new progressive press. Given what you said in your email I think RCBS has not been very honest with their potential customers. Do you think it’s reasonable to use the APS system upstream of a progressive press to avoid priming issues during progressive reloading. It seems to be the biggest problem and probably the biggest safety issue with progressive presses.

      2. I purchased a ProChucker5 when they came out. I’ve been patiently waiting for your posts describing the improvements. Did I miss them? Although RCBS customer service has treated me awesome, I’m really tired of broken primer slides and bent indexers. When everything is good, it runs awesome.

        I throughly enjoy your site and I appreciate your effort and attention to detail.

        Thanks in advance.

        1. Hey Andy- I’ve broken slides as well, and am working with RCBS on their updates and fixes for the issue. I’m hoping to have more info shortly!

  5. I really like your site and videos. I really wish I could get an answer to my list on your Facebook page about the Pro Chucker 7. I guess I’ll have to go it alone.

    Thanks anyway,


  6. Great reviews on these RCBS’s. What are the case-feed possibilities for the ProChucker 7 & 5? If there was one you could either use a Lee powder/expander, or nix the powder-cop, or seat & crimp on station 7? Tough choice I suppose. Thanks.

  7. Hey Gavin

    I like your vids now on the pro chucker 5,7 are there plans for a case feeder and bullet feeder? RCBS CLAIMS 600 rounds per hour I’d like to run this thing full progressive mode any thoughts/ ideas?

    Thanks chance

  8. Hello Gavin
    Since you have used all of the reloader out there. I
    Was wondering which would be your top 3 choices.
    Money is not an issue or taking time to do caliber
    Change over. Looking forward to hearing from you

  9. How does the rcbs pro chucker 7 work with a case feeder.
    I couldn’t find any comments or videos about it, but apparently, most people are using it feeding the cases by hand… And that seems to me as something is missing….

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