Redding offers Master Hunter 2-Die Set

If you are looking for the best quality dies available on a reasonable budget, it’s hard to beat Redding dies. Furthermore, the construction and features of the Redding Competition Seating Die are very compelling (micrometer seating depth adjustment, sliding collar seating stem, etc). Until recently, you had to either buy dies individually from Redding or buy the National Match set if you wanted to have a die set with the Competition Seating Die. While the National Match set is great for applications like semi-auto rifles (I have the sets in .223 Remington and 308 Winchester) – if you don’t need the crimp die or if you only want a two-die set, what you really want is the new (OK, it’s been out for a couple years) Redding Master Hunter two-die set.

Master Hunter Die set from Redding
Master Hunter Die set from Redding

I just found out about the Master Hunter (love the name) die sets while searching for dies for a friend. Now that I know about this offering, I’ll have another great option when I go to load for a new cartridge. Perhaps some of my old dies need upgrading too…


2 thoughts on “Redding offers Master Hunter 2-Die Set”

  1. Thanks for posting this Gavin. So, this is essentially a national match set minus the crimp die, right? Also, what type of sizing/expanding does the die provide? Full-length, neck, bushing, etc.

    Thanks, -Hassan

  2. $120.99….MidwayUSA….full length resizing die and the micrometer seating die….looks like that is what you’ll get with the Master Hunter two die set. Has to do with reliable chambering of ammo for hunting purposes….certainly not for accuracy other than seating bullet for best accuracy we know. All things considered.

    Been contemplating buying a Forster Micrometer seating die for 308 Winchester for Berger bad it’s runs this price compared to a Forster mic die…but if you’re looking for a full length resizing die…price isn’t all that out of line. The Forster micrometer seating die through MidwayUSA is $72.99…you be the judge. I’ll take the Forster micrometer seating die.

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