Video: Hornady 366 Shotshell Press Loading 12 Gauge

In this video I show loading 12 gauge previously fired shells and give you a few setup tips. The Hornady 366 press has a total of 8 primary stations, and a 9th station to the side for full-length sizing. There’s a *lot* to keep track of when loading shotshell, and I’m hoping that the video in this post helps with understanding how the Hornady 366 is used to load shotshell loads. Before we get into the video, let’s take a look at the individual stations:

Hornady 366 stations:

  • Station 0: (optional): Full-length sizing and depriming
  • Station 1: Depriming
  • Station 2: Priming
  • Station 3: Powder drop
  • Station 4: Wad insertion
  • Station 5: Shot drop
  • Station 6: Crimp (first stage)
  • Station 7: Crimp (second stage)
  • Station 8: Taper crimp
Hornady 366 Stations - Image copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader
Hornady 366 Stations – Image copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader

Now that you have some background on the individual stations and their purposes, let’s see the Hornady 366 in action loading 12 gauge shells:

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2 thoughts on “Video: Hornady 366 Shotshell Press Loading 12 Gauge”

  1. Would it be possible to get plans for your “Studio Bench with the dual “T” slot system? I would love a set-up like yours for my presses. I’m retired military and finally have the time to do a lot of reloading and shooting. Thanks.

  2. I’m with the Major. What are you going to do with the hole left in your bench, when you move the Honady? Keep up the good work, really enjoying the video’s. Are we going to see other shot shell presses? Yes, the questions keep coming, but you’ve piqued my interest.

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