AR-308 – Redding equipment overview

One of the things I like most about these kinds of projects (AR-MPR, AR-308) is the opportunity to showcase new reloading equipment (new to the market, or new to my shop :)). For the next phase of the AR-308 project, we’ll transition to a focus on precision single stage reloading. This will involve things like brass prep, selecting components, precision sizing, precision charging, and precision bullet seating (do you get the pattern here? Precision is the goal, and part of the fun!).

One of the companies known for making great precision reloading equipment is Redding Reloading. Not only do they manufacture great equipment, but they also innovate with their engineering and new products.

Redding equipment - highlights for the AR-308 project - from left: Redding Case Neck Gage, Redding Instant Indicator, Redding National Match Rifle Die Set (308) - Image Coypright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

For the AR-308 project, we’ll use the case neck gage to sort brass based on neck thickness and uniformity. This turns out to be one of the key parts of the accuracy equation for precision rifle shooting. We’ll also use the Redding “Instant Indicator” to perform efficient validation of things like sizing consistency (shoulder) and bullet seating depth consistency. Finally, we’ll use the National Match rifle die set to perform sizing/depriming, bullet seating, and even crimping.

Redding Case Neck Gage - A tool used to profile brass for utmost accuracy - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

Here’s a view of the case neck gage right out of the box. I need to mount it on one of my removable equipment bases so that I can try it out- I’m looking forward to seeing how this type of sorting and profiling will help with group sizes. This tool comes with everything you see in the picture including the dial indicator – ready to start measuring (once you screw it down that is).

Redding Instant Indicator - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

So what about the instant indicator? Well this tool will perform the same type of measurements we can use dial calipers to measure. There are several products that can be bolted into digital calipers to perform this type of measurement. The instant indicator should speed things up. I’m even thinking it could be used on a progressive press to check every cartridge that rolls off the production line. That would be fun!

Redding National Match Rifle Die set (308 Winchester) - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

Now this is a nice looking die set! What’s great about Redding dies, is that they are as good looking on the inside as they are on the outside (finish for sizing die internals, etc). I’ve already used the competition seater die from Redding for 22-250, 30-06, and .223 Remington. Looking forward to using this precision tool for loading precision 308 ammunition for the AR-308 rifle! It’s also nice to have the option of crimping to improve accuracy, and perhaps help with feeding too (for a semi-auto like the LR-308B).

This is a quick preview of some of the equipment we’ll be using to load ammunition for this project. I’m looking forward to learning new techniques, and getting some time with new reloading gadgets. This is going to be fun!




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  1. If I recall he has the Hornady Concentricity gauge from the last AR MPR. Plus why turn all necks if you can match them. Last thing you wan’t to do is keep turning them and weaken the neck.

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