AR-MPR: Build Part 5 – Lower – Magazine Catch Bolt Catch Pivot Pin

In this video, we’ll start the assembly of the lower by walking through the installation of the magazine catch, the bolt catch, and the pivot pin. You’ll see a trick for installing the pivot pin that makes use of a dulled razor blade, and a modified section of drill rod.

From the video, in this screenshot we can see the special tool (1/4″ drill rod with flat ground on the side) used in conjunction with the razor blade (with edge dulled for safety) being used to install the pivot pin, spring, and detent. This trick allows you to perform the installation without having to worry about having the spring and detent going across the room (I’ve done that!). Thanks to a friend Tim Hermann for the tip on the razor blade!

Video Screenshot - Homebrew special tools - Installing the Pivot Pin - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

Next, it’ll be on to the trigger group. You won’t want to miss this- we’ll be installing the Geissele Match Rifle Adjustable Trigger.

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  1. Gavin, I don’t know if it really matters, but I am curious if you intended to skip Part 5 or if I just do not see where it is located on the AR tab of your website.


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