4 thoughts on “Redding T-7 Press – Loading 30-06 Part I (HD)”

  1. Great videos! In the video, the T7 turret appears to deflect upwards during resizing. Have you measured the deflection and does this make it difficult to set a consistent headspace on the brass?

  2. Clint- The turret head does deflect slightly, but it has a hard stop (the rear turret support) this is by design so that you can easily turn the turret, and also have consistent seating and sizing. I have found the consistency to be great. Perhaps I’ll do a single stage -vs- turret -vs- progressive comparison some day (with the same set of competition seating dies). Hope this answers your question.

    1. I suppose you could do so, but it would involve a lot of machining. Hornady does sell LNL conversion kits, but they are for single stage presses with larger threaded boars that accept a bushing with the standard 7/8″ x 14 TPI reloading die threading. So, you can convert most single stage presses, but the turret would be a challenge.

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