Hands-On: MDT GRND-POD Bipod

We’ve featured a few different bipods on Ultimate Reloader—today we’re taking a closer look at the MDT GRND-POD.


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About the MDT GRND-POD

MDT has two bipod categories, the GRND-POD and the CKYE-POD.

MDT CKYE POD Triple Pull, CKYE POD Double Pull, GRND-POD

The latter is MDT’s premium lineup intended for PRS shooters.

GRND-POD is a newer, much more affordable option from MDT with some impressive features: 

  • Compact Form-Factor
  • 4.5” to 9” Height Range
  • Single-Handed Adjustments
  • 40° of sideways cant with adjustable tension 
  • Mount Options: ARCA, Picatinny, A.R.M.S. 17
  • Rapid deploy legs
  • 90° (down) and 50° (forward) leg angles
  • Legs also angle backwards and forwards 

It is made of 6061-T6 aluminum core with polymer buttons and carbon legs with rubber feet tips. 

From MDT

The MDT GRND-POD was designed to maximize versatility, as well as cost savings, while retaining features that we, through your feedback, knew to be most important in a precision rifle bipod.

With an overall design direction and approval for the bipod, we began to dive deeper into specific bipod features, like adjustable leg lengths, cant with adjustable tension, bipod legs that can be deployed both quickly and easily, and of course stability and strength, exploring some new-to-us materials and manufacturing techniques along the way. Determined to incorporate all of these features at a cost that makes sense, we would not stop until we had achieved our project goal.

Bringing you the MDT GRND-POD, a premium quality bipod, without a premium price tag.


Depress the button on the top of each leg in order to adjust the angle. Pull each rapid deploy leg to adjust the length.

50° Forward Adjustment

To shorten, depress the buttons on the side of each leg. For convenient storage and carry, the legs can be stored parallel to the barrel, either forward or backwards. I prefer forward so the tension lever doesn’t get in the way. A tension lever is critical for me on a bipod for cant adjustments. I am certain to reference either the bubble level on my scope or chassis to see if the gun is level. 

40° of Cant

I first took a 6.5 Creedmoor rifle (in our MDT ACC Chassis) to our 100 yard range to confirm the zero with the help of the Longshot LR-3 system. After making a minor adjustment, we set up one LR-3 camera at 176 yards and another at 336 yards. 

Our first prone set-up was a bit awkward and there wasn’t room for a rear bag even with the full extension. We had better luck with the closer (and lower) target and were able to use a rear bag. 


This lightweight, compact bipod was easy to manipulate and is suitable for a variety of scenarios. It is budget-friendly and sturdy, but not suitable for extreme circumstances due to its limited height. It will work well for most shooters and I’ve even added it to a coyote hunting gun. 

Get the Gear

The MDT GRND-POD comes with an MDT sticker.

Order the MDT GRND-POD directly from MDT.

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