Performance Problems? Check your Bipod Height!

Have you been having performance problems? Let’s be clear, I’m talking shooting performance! I found the secret sauce to making a prone shooting position feel much better: check out this story to learn more.


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The Problem

Simple fact, Natural Point of Aim (NPA) and rifle fit is always up for discussion. We are all aging, growing, getting hurt, our bodies are always needing adjustment to perform properly.

My dry fire time this winter with the IDTS and DFAT has been going well but I have had a nagging issue.

Above: Indoor Dryfire Target System (IDTS)

In the prone my cheek weld has not been “comfortable”. It has just seemed “off”. I was reading and looking up all the content I could find. I found myself carousing YouTube videos of shooting from Snipershide, Modern Day Rifleman, Impact Shooting training, and while it was all great content, I couldn’t really figure it out; I was just not comfortable.

A low bipod height indicated here reflects the “scrunched”, unnatural position I was in.

The Solution

Just when I’d put in all this work with no evident solution, it hit me – my bipod! It’s too low. I clicked it up 2 spaces and it was better. One more click up and I was golden. It all fell into place and I fell into this comfortable position.

New bipod height promotes healthy sustainable posture.

Here’s why this shooting position optimization is so important. With proper bipod and rifle height, you’ll experience:

  • Better eye-to-scope alignment, sight picture, eye relief
  • Ability to see your trace better after firing
  • Ability to spot hits and misses
  • Better concentration due to natural shooting position

The takeaway is don’t be afraid to try something new. Grow into your rifle, and take the time to learn what makes it shoot better for you. Just like we tweak our reloading to have better results, tweak your rifle setup. 

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Travis Fox

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