Precision Matthews TL-1660 Lathe Has Landed!

My dream lathe has finally arrived, and I wanted to take the opportunity to give you a quick preview! It’s the Precision Matthews TL-1660 Ultra-Precision metal lathe. Gordy Gritters and I show the “uncrating”, and also perform some quick demos. Stay tuned for the full review!

Lathe Arrival

Precision Matthews is on the spot with shipping! They arranged freight for the TL-1660, and it was great to get a call to schedule the drop-off. Where are you located sir? She asked. I’m up a dirt road I said, and we left it at that. Well, when the driver arrived he said: “If I had known how bad that road is, I wouldn’t have driven up here!”. I was glad he didn’t know :).

Within minutes I had the crate and lathe suspended 6′ in the air using my Case 590 Super M backhoe. This machine lifted the 4000lb load without a problem, and it was a smooth-and-steady operation!

After uncrating and removing the cosmoline, I couldn’t wait to “make some chips”, and this machine didn’t disappoint!

This lathe is a beast! Here are some of the specs that have me excited about the Precision Matthews TL-1660:

  • Ultra Precision, made in Taiwan
  • 16″ swing, 60″ between centers capacity
  • D1-6 high precision spindle
  • English and Metric threading without gear changes
  • One shot lube on the carriage
  • 3-Phase 5hp motor

Also make sure you check out my Precision Matthews PM-1440GT full review:

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This is the kind of information I’ll be putting together for the TL-1660, make sure you’re subscribed!


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