COMPARED: Mark 7 Evolution + Mark 7 APEX 10 (All changes)

You may have seen the recent announcement for the new Mark 7 APEX 10 progressive reloading press. This press essentially is a [big] update to the Mark 7 Evolution. What exactly where the changes and improvements? I’m glad you asked! In this article I’ll explore these changes in detail from A to Z!

Breakdown of Updates for the APEX 10

There are quite a few updates and improvements between the Evolution and the APEX 10:


  • Replaced 3 billet parts with a single casting.
  • Reduced cost and also reduced “tolerance stacking”  (overall improved precision).
  • Helps with assembly.

Priming System

  • All-new shuttle system replaces slide bar system on Evolution.
  • Comes with large and small priming parts/accessories.
  • Primer XPress is bolt-on install, no extra parts needed (no autodrive needed). Note that Evolution can be converted over to shuttle priming system (can then bolt on Primer XPress).

Large and Small Swaging Rods included

Toolhead changes

  • Cast iron replaces billet aluminum (both CNC machined)
  • Secondary guide rod now included on all toolheads (Was $150 option for Evolution toolheads)

Case Retention Spring Mounting

The case retention spring can now be easily moved out of the way (relaxed) for toolhead changes. For the Evolution, it’s required to remove the spring before changing toolhead.

Powder Measure Updates

The powder measure has upgraded bearings and simplified construction.

All-New Case Feed System

  • All-Metal construction
  • Improved feeding
  • Improved mounting
  • Variable speed control
  • Reverse
  • Comes with large and small drop tubes/parts
  • Evolution upgrade kits will be available (mounting is compatible)

The Evolution and Mark 7 Overview Videos

If you’re looking for more detail, the following videos cover these platforms hands-on and in detail!

Mark 7 Evolution Unboxing/Overview

Mark 7 APEX 10 Unboxing/Overview

Get Yours!

The APEX 10 will be available in April 2021, and is currently available for pre-order at the time of the writing of this article!

Mark 7 APEX 10 Product Page:

The Mark 7 APEX 10 is also available from the Double Alpha Academy!

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