Area 419 Maverick: More than Just a Suppressor

Ever since the Area 419 Maverick was announced, I was curious to get hands-on with one. And when Craig Anrzen from Area 419 came for a visit, I had that opportunity! In this article and video, Craig and I will give you an “in-depth tour” of the Maverick platform, and also do some shooting to share first-hand impressions. Good times!

About the Area 419 Maverick

From the Area 419 product page:

Introducing the Maverick Recoil Suppression System
New from Area 419 is the Maverick. This is a reimagining of the muzzle device, meant to provide you the performance of a brake and the in-match comfort of a suppressor, as well as give you the option to train or hunt with the most versatile precision suppressor system on the market. The system uses the patented Hellfire Self-Timing technology, allowing the brake configuration to control the muzzle like nothing else on the market, and utilizes Hellfire and Sidewinder Universal Adapters with left-hand threads to ensure that the system will not loosen with use.

We think it will forever change the way you look at muzzle devices for precision rifles.

      Total Length (Training Configuration): 8” or 9.2″
    • Total Length (Competition Configuration): 5.5” or 6.6″
    • Total Weight* (Either Configuration): 13.5oz in 8″, 15.2oz in 9.2″ configuration
    • Diameter: 1.72”
    • Materials: Core – 6AL4V Titanium & 17-4SS, Brake – 17-4SS, Stage 1 & Stage 2 – 6AL4V Titanium (Grade 5), Thread/Taper Protector – 7075 Aluminum
    • Finish: High Performance Thin Film PVD, Smoke color Tubes and Brake (DLC), Gold Endcaps (TiN)
    • Construction: Weldless, Compression Taper Fit
    • Rating: Any Short Action Cartridge over 22″ of barrel length, 308-class to 20″, 223 class to 16″


    • 1 – Maverick Core (Hellfire or Sidewinder Mount)
    • 1 – Stage 2 Module (6.5mm or 30cal)
    • 1 – Maverick Brake
    • 1 – Hellfire or Sidewinder Universal Adapter in 5/8×24
    • 1 – Wrench (not user serviceable, wrench is to aide in installation/removal should you desire)
    • 1 – Stage 1 Module
    • 1 – Thread and Taper Protector Ring

*Total weight is based on Sidewinder mount and does not include the Sidewinder Universal Adapter

Area 419 Maverick Parts and Components

Above: The individual parts that make up the 9.2″ Maverick suppressor system, from left to right:

  1. Thread protecting Cap
  2. Stage 1 module (9.2″ version only)
  3. Maverick self-timing brake
  4. Blast baffle
  5. Rear cap/mount
  6. Core suppressor assembly
  7. Stage 2 baffle
  8. Stage 2 baffle stack

Configuration 1, 5″ Moderator

This is the shortest configuration for Maverick, and therefore is the lightest and most compact. This would be ideal for a light-weight hunting configuration where weight and compactness are a top priority. This would also be the loudest non-braked configuration.

Configuration 2, 5″ Suppressor

Adding the stage 1 module to core suppressor assembly yields a configuration that is quieter than the 5″ moderator, but without too much extra bulk. This would be a more ideal setup for scenarios like hunting.

8″ Suppressor Configuration

This 8″ configuration is a good all-around setup for good sound reduction performance, and is comparable to many popular suppressor setups.

9.2″ Suppressor Configuration

The 9.2″ configuration is the quietest for the Maverick, and also the longest! Even so, with all Titanium construction, it’s not at all heavy like a steel suppressor.

5.5″ Braked Configuration

For applications like PRS competition, this is likely to be your best option! This configuration will help retain sight picture (the key goal for PRS in mitigation of recoil) and also knock down the sound level at the same time compared with using a traditional brake (by about 1/2). What’s perhaps more important is how this setup will reduce the effect of repeated exposure to “brake pressure wave”. This pressure effect is cut down to about 25% of what you’d experience with a traditional brake. WOW.

6.5″ Braked Configuration

The 6.5″ braked configuration for Maverick softens the recoil a tad compared to the 5.5″ braked configuration, and is an example of one more way that you can configure the Maverick for a variety of shooter needs and applications. Lots of options!

Shooting with Maverick

If I had to sum up shooting Maverick with one word- I’d say it’s “flexible”. There are so many different options (as you saw in this article and video) that you can literally configure it to just about any shooting application. Maverick can be minimal (5″ moderator), extreme (9.2″ suppressed), and recoil-taming (5.5″ and 6.5″ configurations).

Here’s what was cool about shooting my custom 25 Creedmoor with Maverick- I already had the proper mount installed with my Area 419 Hellfire muzzle brake! That means you just loosen the lock ring, remove the brake, put Maverick on the mount, adjust timing, and then lock the lock ring. A 30 second job! This is the only system you can do this with (removing and replacing a brake or suppressor) with little-no-no POI shift. Awesome.

Get Yours

If you want to get your own Area 419 Maverick, you can order with your options (6.5mm, 308mm, 8″ or 9.2″) on the Area 419 Maverick product page:

Do you have a Maverick? Please drop a comment to let us know what you think of it!

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