NEW Die Lock Rings from LEE Precision

Sometimes you get so accustomed to things you have a “double take” when they change. That was my reaction when I recently unboxed a LEE Pro 1000 reloading press. I noted several changes with the press, most obvious was the new die lock rings that came with the press. In this article, I’ll introduce you to three new styles of LEE die lock rings!

New LEE Basic Die Lock Rings

The new LEE “basic” or “default” die lock rings (LEE calls these “Self Lock Rings“) are very similar to the traditional hex die lock rings LEE has been using for decades, but now featuring splines around their circumference that offer:

  1. Enhanced grip when tightening by hand
  2. Compatibility with LEE’s new die lock ring wrench (see below)

These die lock rings use the same O-ring design to seat against the press (and the die threads, preserving the die setting when removed from the press).

Here’s what the new LEE die lock ring wrench looks like (works with all new LEE die lock rings):

NEW LEE Ultimate Die Lock Rings

LEE’s new Ultimate Die Lock Rings are a step up from the basic lock rings, with two improvements:

  1. Anodized finish
  2. Split ring design allows the ring to be clamped securely to die

Available as a set, this package includes three ultimate die lock rings, and a plastic die lock ring wrench:

Kind of makes you smile, eh?

NEW LEE Die Lock Ring Eliminators

The new lock ring eliminators from LEE are a new concept, something unlike I’ve seen before. These new die accessories marry the following functionality into a single assembly:

  • Quick change bushing (LEE’s Breech Lock system)
  • Die lock ring with splines (works with LEE lock ring wrench)
  • Clamp to preserve die depth setting

You’ll need a press that has LEE’s Breech Lock system installed to use these lock ring eliminators. You can update most presses to use LEE’s Breech Lock system with an inexpensive conversion kit:

Available at Midsouth

I just looked, and Midsouth Shooters Supply currently has all of these products in stock, and the prices are VERY reasonable! (convert to Breech Lock for under $10.00 for example).

Here are some Midsouth Product links:

Self-Lock Die Lock Rings (basic splined lock rings)

Ultimate Die Lock Rings

Lock Ring Eliminator 4-pack

Breech Lock Update Kit

Don’t miss out on Ultimate Reloader updates, make sure you’re subscribed!


2 thoughts on “NEW Die Lock Rings from LEE Precision”

  1. Nice idea that Lee has. However, I run a Lee Classic Turret Press with 4 hole die plates. There is precious little space between die holes and using the Lee 1.125 inch hex nuts I was unable to adequately tighten these nuts. So I found that Dillon sells small nuts (1 inch), Stock Number: 62424, plus a 1 inch wrench designed for tightening these nuts. But even better was the 1/1.125 inch box end wrench I purchased from R&R Die Wrench (1 855-682-9522). Either way both the Lee or Dillon solution should work.

  2. Gavin, hello!

    I love your YouTube shows; very vivid videography and professional delivery! Your shop is also immaculate, and the envy of every reloader! Say, I wonder if Lee’s new Ultimate Lock Rings will ever be available in the blue tone, as are the Lock Ring Eliminators. Do you happen to have any insight into this? In blue, these would contrast beautifully with my Loadmaster ensemble.


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