Spotlight on D-M Targets: AR500 Steel Targets and Hangers

Anyone with acreage and long-range rifles needs a bunch of steel targets! And that’s what I’ve been working on lately, getting the UR Ranch setup for some serious shooting and training. Recently, I’ve become friends with Seth Gardner of D-M Targets from Washington State. He shoots in the same circles, and is super-involved in the gun community. So when he came by to help setup some steel targets, I thought I would introduce you all to him!

D-M Steel Targets

D-M Steel targets are made from AR500 steel for a balance of impact resistance and longevity. D-M has a focus on features, quality, and price.

D-M makes steel targets in the following sizes:

1/4″ ar500 targets

3/8″ ar500 targets

1/2″ ar500 targets

D-M also makes animal targets, and other specialty steel targets.

D-M Target Hangers

One of my favorite D-M products is the T-Post hangers they make. It’s hard to imagine something more versatile, simple, and cost effective than these hangers! And you can really hear the steel ring when you use them.

From the Key/Hook T-Post hanger product page: (pictured above)

This compact, light versatile hanger is made entirely of AR500 steel. One side has our popular keyhook hanger and the other the more common hook hanger. It slips easily on any standard t-post. It’s the best of both worlds for one low price!

Here’s what the hanger looks like with a 14″ gong target: (my new 700 yard target!)

There are many more cool products that Seth offers via the D-M Targets website, you should check it out if you are interested in steel targets! I like supporting D-M because they are a USA family business, and give a LOT back to the shooting sports community. Seth also 100% stands by his products, and can do most any kind of custom work.

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