Shot Show 2020: Forster Products

It’s always great to see the Forster Products team at the SHOT show! At the 2020 SHOT Show I talked with Scott Kempel, one of the people I work with frequently from Forster Products. We talked about Scott’s role at Forster, new products (namely the powder measure which will be introduced later this year), as well as popular Forster products.

The Ever-Popular Forster Co-Ax

The Forster Co-Ax is so popular with the precision-minded reloading community they literally can’t keep them in stock! If you haven’t already seen it, check out my full story on the Co-Ax:

You can order the Forster Co-Ax from Midsouth Shooters Supply here:

Co-Ax Single Stage Press @ Midsouth Shooters Supply

Forster Dies

Forster dies are excellent for loading precision ammunition. As we discussed in the video, these dies are available for sizing (full-length and bushing bump), and seating (standard and ultra-micrometer). What I like about the Forster seating dies is the great concentricity they produce for bullet runout.

Here’s a story I published that gives an overview of Forster Benchrest dies:

You can find Forster dies at Midsouth Shooters Supply here:

Forster Dies @ Midsouth Shooters Supply

Forster Go / No-Go / Field Gauges

Another product that Forster offers that some people aren’t aware of is their headspace gauges!

I used Forster headspace gauges when chambering a 6mm Creedmoor rifle recently, and they worked GREAT!

You can find Forster Headspace Gauges at Brownells HERE:

Forster Go and No-Go gauges

More To Come in 2020

I’ve got more Forster content coming this year including a demo of their case trimmer, and coverage of the Forster Powder Measure which will be released hopefully later in 2020. I’ll keep you all posted!

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One thought on “Shot Show 2020: Forster Products”

  1. Great video TKS. I use many Forster products and they are first class. I’ve found that when using the Forster standard bench rest die I get my best run-out #’s when I remove the caliber chamber spring and leave the seating stem losk nut loose. This way I believe I get a better feel of the seating with the spring removed and with the stem lock nut loose or removed the stem can “float” to get better #’s. What I use on the stem to stop depth movement is plumers pipe Teflon tape . Works good for me

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