UR Update: Win a UFO Press Light

Hello everyone, time for another UR update and giveaway! I hope you all have been having a GREAT Fall, I know I have. This time you have the chance to win a UFO Press Light from KMS Squared! Please see the details and challenge below.

Winner from Last Challenge

The last challenge was to share “the one thing, tool, or technique” that’s helped out your reloading and shooting the most. Here’s what people shared: (click image below to read on Facebook)

I’m happy to announce the winner for this challenge: Patrick Schultz! Patrick shared how much case trimming has been important to his reloading and shooting:

For me, the most critical lesson to continue reloading was case trimming. I started with a 7mm Remington Magnum and after about the 3rd loading they were really tight bolt closes. I had only been reloading for a couple of weeks, but something told me I┬áneeded to research these hard bolt closes. The kit I was given did not include a case trimmer either. One of my Dads’ Hornady manuals explained what a case that was over length could do, and it spelled danger.

That page changed my entire reloading endeavor forever. Now I reload hundreds of rounds for almost a dozen cartridges, and still trimming is a step never skipped. It is the most time consuming step as well. Every case is checked, because I routinely find range recovered cases way over length!

I invested in this RCBS trimmer in 1998 and it continues to do all my trimming work. I up graded the shell holder to the universal one. The original configuration required a separate shell holder plate for each different case head. It was a pain back then. Now it’s a much faster process. I also recently started using the vld chamfer cutter and discovered that as a result my bullets no longer get shaved as they are seated.

Congrats Patrick! I’ll be reaching out to you to coordinate getting your prizes to you.

New Challenge

This week’s challenge: share with us your favorite reloading press! Click below to enter:

Good luck everyone, and don’t miss out on Ultimate Reloader updates, make sure you’re subscribed!



2 thoughts on “UR Update: Win a UFO Press Light”

  1. Congratulations to the winner. I’m happy he figured out the most basic process
    of case prep-lol. I wonder if he figured out that the feel method is the most reliable way to size brass. Full length sizing with a .001-.002 bump is the way to go. All these comparators ,micrometers, case gauges,and neck sizing dies are not necessary. They only give a point of reference. Keep turning the die in until the bolt drops without any torque. That is the best thing I learned about reloading. Too bad I bought all of the aforementioned gauges ,for the first cartridge I reloaded. Now I don’t waste my time or money on them-LMAO. Proper neck tension with minimal run out was just as important. And honing dies is better than bushings. Maybe it’s practical to use a bushing when searching for a load but after that honing is the way to go. Especially if you have the base of the neck area of die opened a bit more . There is no one thing that is so critical over others when reloading.

  2. Aside from the Prazzi press with it’s precise alignment the Forster co ax is probably the best because it floats and has a hard stop. Does very good to prevent run out and is convenient to change dies as well as not needing shell holders. RCBS summit press does good to prevent run out as does an arbor press for seating. I suppose you could do a good job with any press if you pay attention to what you are doing-lol.

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