UFO Press Light Updtes from KMS Squared, Save 10% For a Limited Time

KMS Squared has just updated some of their most popular lights! I wanted to tell you all about it, and give you a chance to save 10% on all KMS Squared lights for a limited time.

What’s NEW

KMS Squared has made quite a few subtle changes to make their lights “that much better”. Here are some of the more substantial changes:

Improved 3M Adhesive

The adhesive used on these updated KMS Squared lights is more powerful and more versatile. You still have to do your “prep work” (supplies included with each kit), but this adhesive will work even better now thanks to this update!

Improved Cord Routing

For the Dillon 550 series light and the Dillon XL-650 series light, the cord routing has been improved (out the back) to be more out of the way. That means less snags, and a more elegant appearance.

Updated 550 cord routing:

Updated XL-650 cord routing:

Save 10% For a Limited Time

If you’ve been waiting to get a press light, now is the time! Just order any UFO Press Lights from kmssquared.com and use the following coupon code to get 10% off (only for TWO WEEKS)!

Look for more KMS Squared lighting features in future posts/videos. Thanks ALL!

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