TESTED: New TriggerTech AR Diamond 1.5lb – 4lb AR-15 Trigger

This year at the SHOT Show there was something that caught my eye at the TriggerTech booth- the all-new TriggerTech AR Diamond 1.5lb – 4.b trigger! Could this be the trigger I’ve been looking for to take my long-range AR to the next level? Read on!

Starting Point: Geissele Automatics DMR National Match

I’ve been running the Geissele Automatics DMR National Match for a long time and it has been a great trigger. However, now that I have the TriggerTech Special on my custom Remington 700 224 Valkyrie bolt action rifle, I’ve gotten kind of spoiled. I think it was the Special that motivated an upgrade for my 224 Valkyrie AR-15. Before we look at the AR Diamond, let’s examine a 3-pass TriggerScan test of the Geissele trigger.

This is a very consistent trigger, and I’ve had great results with it. Here’s the high-level numbers:

About the TriggerTech AR Diamond

From the TriggerTech AR Diamond product page:

The AR Diamond Trigger is an adjustable trigger designed to enhance the accuracy and precision of an AR for top competitors, long range shooters and enthusiasts looking to improve their shooting.

Intended Use

Long range, 3 Gun, competition, precision shooting, harsh environments, law enforcement, military, target shooting, varmint hunting.

Trigger Control Details

Lever Type: Straight or Curved
1st Stage Weight: 4 oz
2nd Stage Weight: 20 oz – 3.75 lbs
Total Pull Weight: 1.5 lbs – 4.0 lbs
Zero Creep™: Yes
TKR™: Yes – Min Overtravel
CLKR™: Yes – Inc. Adjustable
Flat Wire™: Yes – Hard Primer Compatible
Take Up Distance: 0.035″
Overtravel: Sub 0.015″
Reset: Sub 0.030″
Pin Size: Mil Spec 0.154″
Material: 7075 Aluminum & Stainless Internals
Warranty: Product Lifetime

Material Details

Housing: 7075 Aluminum (anodized)
Key Components: 440C Stainless Steel
PVD Black – PVD stands for Physical Vapour Deposition. It is a hard and durable coating that is applied to external stainless components to give them a clean black color.


This trigger is beautifully machined, and was very simple to install. I really like the simplicity of a one-piece trigger. It makes the install more straightforward for sure.

As shown in the video above, an upgrade is easy:

  1. Check that the AR is clear/unloaded
  2. Remove the upper from the lower
  3. Remove the grip and safety detent (the TriggerTech AR Diamond manual instructs to loosen the grip screw and lower the grip to remove the safety, that did not work for me)
  4. Remove the trigger pins and old trigger
  5. Drop in AR Diamond trigger
  6. Install rear pin
  7. Install safety
  8. Install front pin
  9. Re-install grip and safety detent
  10. Replace upper

If you have the right tools, budget about :15-:30 for an upgrade.

AR Diamond Trigger Scan Results

My focus scenarios for testing the AR Diamond were MIN pull weight and MAX pull weight. Here’s the results from those tests:

This trigger is advertised as a 1.5lb to 4.0lb trigger, and I noticed that you can actually change the TriggerScan results (peak force) by moving the load cell (actuator) up and down on a flat bladed trigger. So if I were to move the actuator down on the trigger, I’d be really close to the 1.5lb –  4lb peak force adjustment range. Here’s a table summarizing the results:

If you look at all of the data together (including a 3-pass test I did at near-but-not-min pull weight for the AR Diamond) you can see visually how the AR Diamond stacks up against the Geissele Automatics trigger I’ve upgraded from:

Shooting with the AR Diamond

This is perhaps the part that matters most: how does this trigger perform in real-world conditions and scenarios? From the limited testing I’ve done (first shots were captured in the video) I can say I really like this trigger. I’ve achieved my goal of reduced pull weight, and I really like the way this trigger breaks. I’m looking forward to putting a lot more “trigger time” (obvious isn’t it?) in with the AR Diamond for sure. Look for it in upcoming stories!

BTW: if you are interested in the scope I’m using, you can check out the ATN X-Sight Pro 4K HERE.

Have you tried the AR Diamond trigger? I’d love to hear your feedback, please drop a comment!

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  1. Would like to know if the TriggerTech AR Diamond trigger will work with the Uintah bolt upper. They don’t list it as compatible or not on their web site and have not returned my email. Do you know if it will work?

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