UR Weekly Update: Win 250pcs Starline Rifle Brass, Ultramount Winner, Content Updates

What a week it’s been! I’ve published a couple fun stories: The Lyman Brass Smith Powder Measure Overview, and the Super-In-Depth Precision Matthews PM-1440GT Metal Lathe Overview on http://makingwithmetal.com.

Here’s this week’s update!

Last Week’s Winner: Charles Morris!

Charles Morris shared the best “tip that every reloader needs to know” and has won an Inline Fabrication Ultramount! Congrats Charles!

Here’s what Charles had to say:

I started reloading about three years ago “mainly 9mm” and been at it for about a month. picking up spent brass from the local range I came across a problem I had only briefly read about and never thought I would never encounter “Berdan Primed brass”. It sounded like some kind of exotic brass and I would never see in my local range. Pictured below is the result from 1 Berdan primed case in a batch of 500. End result, I check each and every case before I de-prime . I also check the case length but thats another screw…learning experience for another time. 

Here are the pictures that Charles shared:

This Week’s Challenge: Win 250 Pieces of Starline Rifle Brass

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