NEW from Thompson Center: Discussion at SHOT Show 2019

If you’ve been watching and reading much here on Ultimate Reloader, it’s likely you’ve seen my Thompson Center 308 rifle review, and my Budget Precision 223 series. I’ve gotten great results from these rifles, and have some content coming up that will build on what I’ve been showing! While at the 2019 SHOT Show, I caught up with Danielle Sanville from Thompson Center to get “the latest” on their new products for 2019!

Danielle isn’t just a brand manager at Thompson Center, she uses her products in real-world settings like this buck hunt:

Thompson Center New Products

Thompson Center has introduced some new things that look very interesting to me!

Thompson Center T/CR22 (introduced 2018)

The Tompson Center T/CR22 is an all new 22LR rifle that incorporates quite a few features that are upgrades for most 22LR rifles including:

  • Integrated Picatinny rail
  • Ergonomic synthetic stock co-engineered with Magpul
  • Peep sight with fiber optic
  • Oversize charging handle (knurled)
  • Available in multiple camo patterns
  • Last round bolt hold-back
  • Windowed magazine (shows number of rounds) with loading assist lever
  • Threaded muzzle

I’m thinking this would be a great trainer rifle, or an economic “just for fun” rifle as well!

Thompson Center Impact Muzzle Loader Updates

The Thompson Center Impact muzzle loader has been update for 2019! This affordable muzzle loader now comes standard with:

  • Adjustable length of pull (buttstock spacer)
  • TC Speed Breech which makes breech plug removal faster and easier
  • Power rod with T-handle
  • 26″ 50 caliber barrel

My friend Eric just bought a muzzleloader, and is excited about hunting Elk during muzzleloader season next fall- so I may have to join him, and I’m thinking the Impact would be a great candidate for that application…

More 2019 SHOT Show content coming, so make sure you’re subscribed!


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