2019 SHOT Show: NEW 350 Legend Cartridge from Winchester

The 350 Legend is a new cartridge just launched by Winchester at the 2019 SHOT Show. This new cartridge is aimed a deer hunters in straight-wall cartridge hunting states. In this video I talk with Dusty Gibson from Winchester about this new cartridge, its applications, and the rifles that it will be available for.

Here are some quick facts about the new 350 Legend:

  • It is a straight-wall cartridge that complies with hunting regulations in straight-wall deer hunting states
  • It shares the same case rim with 223 Remington (this is great)
  • It uses a 0.357″ diameter bullet

In addition to Winchester bolt-action rifles, AR-15s chambered for 350 Legend will also be available from CMMG! (stay tuned for that video and blog post, coming right here to Ultimate Reloader).

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One thought on “2019 SHOT Show: NEW 350 Legend Cartridge from Winchester”

  1. I wonder how this is going to compare to the 357AR (a wildcat round) based on the .357 Max. It uses the 223 Basic case available from Starline and is nothing but an un-necked 223 round.

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