Win a KMS Squared UFO Press Light: UR Weekly Update and Giveaway

It’s time for another weekly update! So much has happened this week, and next week is the SHOT Show! It’s going to be insane…

Last Week’s Winner: Lyman Brass Smith Victory Press

Last week we had a lot of AWESOME stories shared both on Facebook and via email. Th winner is Troy Lehnortt!

Here’s Troy’s winning post- he went “above and beyond” with lot of Lyman gear, an orange background and Christmas lights, way to go Troy! You deserve a brand new Lyman Brass Smith victory press of that bench!

Here’s what Troy had to say:

I received my first Lyman reloading handbook when I was a teenager. As I became more involved in reloading, I remembered that old 47th edition book. I slowly acquired more Lyman products over the years. I’ve found their Tumblers to be very durable and also their Muzzleloaders are reliable and accurate. I would use the press to deprime or dedicate it to sizing one caliber.

Troy, please contact us via so that Lyman can get your prize mailed off to you!

This Week’s Challenge

This week you can win a KMS Squared UFO lighting kit for your reloading press! All you need to do is take some great pictures and tell as about your press/presses, your bench, and show us the press you’d like to have a light for! Do you have a KMS Squared light? You may want to show that off too! You can share your story via email, or reply to the following Facebook post:

Good luck everyone! Please make sure you’re subscribed so that you can get all of the updates from SHOT!



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