Lyman Cyclone Case Dryer: From Unboxing to Drying Cases

This story is a continuation of my last article where I demonstrated wet tumbling with the Lyman Cyclone Stainless Steel Rotary Case Tumbler. Wet tumbling is awesome! But if you get equipped for wet tumbling, you’ll need to have a way to dry your cases. You can air dry them, dry them in the oven, or use a forced air dryer like the Lyman Cyclone Case Dryer, the subject of this article!

What’s In the Box

The Lyman Cyclone Case Dryer comes with everything you’ll need to dry cases. After you unbox the unit, you’ll have the following:

Shown above:

  • Base with heater, blower, and timer
  • 5 trays
  • Lid
  • Instructions
  • Power cord

There’s no assembly other than stacking the trays, and plugging in the power cord!

Features and Specs

From the Midsouth Shooters Supply product page:

The Case Dryer is a perfect companion for the wet media style tumbler cleaners. The Case Dryer is a stackable design that allows you to dry different calibers or cases and other items such as small parts at the same without mixing them together. The large trays offer generous room for up to 1,000 .223 Remington cases or 2,000 9mm cases. Using the dryer will eliminate most of the water spots and other visual imperfections that wet media tumbling can leave behind. A built in three hour timer allows you to set and forget, returning to dry, ready to load brass.

Specifications and Features: 

  • Holds Up to 1000 223 Cases or 2000 9mm Cases
  • 3 Hour Timer
  • Recessed Handles on 5 Trays for Easy Loading and Unloading
  • Fast Drying Time
  • Works with Brass Cases or Parts
  • Forced Heated Air Circulation

And what’s more- it’s really quiet!

Using the Dryer

To use the dryer, all you need to do is spread one layer of cases on each of the trays (you may not need all trays), put on the lid, crank the timer, and wait!

What’s nice about forced air drying is that it’s fast, and your cases don’t get tarnished like what’s typical of oven drying. This is truly the way to go if you’re wet tumbling!

And this dryer is affordable, I just saw checked the price at Midsouth Shooters Supply, and as of today it was on sale for just less than $50.00. Wow.


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