MEC 100E Clay Thrower: Unboxing and Setup

An unfair advantage. That’s what I want when I go to shoot clays with friends. Like the guy that has a Donkey Kong console in his man cave- and then invites friends over so that he can beat them. Oh, and I also just want to have fun shotgunning, and share that fun with friends. So it’s time for a target throwing machine. With this new tool, I’ll be able to hone my skills and get ready for the next chapter in my shotgunning story. So here it is: the MEC 100E ATA with bolt-together T-Cart. A state-of-the-art setup that will help me achieve my goals! Let’s take a look at the most insane unboxing I’ve ever captured on camera!

What’s in the Boxes

The MEC 100E ATA comes with everything you need to start shooting clays except the clay targets, and a 12V battery. Here’s what’s in the box:

Here we have:

  1. MEC 100E ATA assembly
  2. Instructions
  3. Remote disarm switch
  4. Carousel

Here’s the great news: the machine is mostly assembled in the box. It only takes 5 minutes to install the remote disarm switch and the carousel. Hook up a battery, and you’re ready to rock! But, what if you want to tow the MEC 100E ATA behind your lawn tractor or quad? Well, in that case you’ll want the T-Cart.

Here’s what’s in the T-Cart box:

Pictured above are:

  1. Wheels with 10″ run-flat tires (love the run-flat feature!)
  2. Battery tray
  3. Assembly hardware
  4. Axle stubs
  5. Main frame section
  6. Instructions

When assembled, your T-Cart will look like this:

You won’t believe how nicely made this cart is until you put one together yourself. It’s top-notch quality- and I can truly appreciate that! At a casual pace you can assemble this T-Cart in about 10-15 minutes. Once the T-Cart is assembled, you can use the supplied nuts and bolts to bolt the thrower down. After the machine is in place, it’s time to add the battery:

The manual calls for a “Group 24 minimum” battery- and you can see above that a Group 42 battery (larger) fits just right. So it’s really a matter of cost and run-time in terms of which battery you go with. I’m planning to shop around to get a dedicated battery for the 100E ATA (I stole the battery pictured out of my 1983 John Deere 214 Garden Tractor – I’ll need it back soon!).

Here’s the end result- a fine looking setup!

To finish things off, I’m thinking about the following upgrades in the near future:

  • Bolt-on 2″ ball coupler (My quad and lawn tractor both have 2″ trailer balls on them)
  • Battery hold-down
  • Remote pull switch (plugs directly into yellow connector shown above).

I’m so excited to use this thrower I can hardly stand it. Stay tuned for more updates shortly! Do you have a MEC target thrower? Please share your experiences by leaving a comment!

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  1. That’s a great looking thrower! Can the carousel be taken on/off in the field? It’s a bit tall to fit in my SUV, so hoping that’s an option.

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