TriggrCon 2017: Rainier Ballistics Bullets

It’s a shame to have a collection of firearms that you don’t shoot often enough. Many things can get in the way of regular shooting, one of them being the high cost of ammunition. That’s where reloading comes in! But reloaded ammunition can still cost enough to put the brakes on shooting. That’s where plated bullets come in- they offer most of the advantages of jacketed bullets (less leading, range safe, …) but at about 1/2 the cost of jacketed bullets! Rainier Ballistics is one of the leading manufacturers of plated bullets, and at TriggrCon 2017, I got to talk to Shane Hall from Rainier Ballistics to hear about their bullets, how to select load data, and more!

Rainier Ballistics Products

Rainier Ballistics has an extensive lineup of copper plated bullets- here’s the list of calibers they offer bullets for:

Did you see that first item in the list? Rainier is launching a 180 grain plated bullet optimized for 300 AAC Blackout for subsonic/suppressed shooting applications. Now that sounds interesting! 300 AAC Blackout is super-compelling, but jacketed 180-200 grain bullets for subsonic reloading are not cheap. I just looked, and you can find these bulllets for as little as $0.12/each online. That’s impressive!

Do you use Rainier Ballistics bullets for your reloading and shooting? Please leave a comment to share your experiences!


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