Ultimate Reloader Deal: 10% Off Inline Fabrication Quick-Change Gear

If you’ve been wanting to streamline your reloading workflow and have multiple presses, now is the time to take a look at the Inline Fabrication UltraMount with Quick-Change! Here’s a video I put together showing how this system works:

I have some good news: for a limited time, via an exclusive Ultimate Reloader Deal, you can save 10% off all Inline Fabrication Quick-Change gear! Here’s how you can take advantage of this deal:

Step 1: Visit the Inline Fabrication Quick-Change page, and add items to your shopping cart.

Step 2: Apply the following coupon code:


Then comes the hard part. Waiting for your new gear to show up! (I hate that part). I’m planning some pretty awesome reloading room updates this year, and hope you’ll plan on doing the same!


4 thoughts on “Ultimate Reloader Deal: 10% Off Inline Fabrication Quick-Change Gear”

  1. Hi Gavin,
    Great video on the Inline Fabrication Quick-Change UltraMount. It’s a great idea if one has more than one press to work with for sure. Can’t beat the fast change over time.
    I’m looking at getting the UltraMount for my Horady Lock-N-Load Classic single stage press. I was wondering if you had the same clearance issues with this press as you did with Hornady’s Lock-N-Load AP press when using the UltraMount system on your reloading bench? I would like to know this problem in advance and how to correct it before I go ordering my UltraMount for my press. Maybe Inline Fabrication can solve this issue too.
    I’m looking forward to your video of revamping your reloading room, especially the details about your reloading bench and the track system used. I’d like to use it on my bench.
    Keep up the great reloading videos. They’re awesome!

  2. Hi Keyan.

    This is Dan from InLine Fabrication. No clearance issues. The mount works perfectly with the Single stage classic. The one that had a issue was the IRON press which has been updated. No worries. :o)


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