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One of the things I enjoy most about what I do with Ultimate Reloader is meeting like minded people who share a passion for any number of my hobbies. Some of these interests include reloading, shooting, motorcycles, diesel and heavy equipment, fabrication and machining, technology, videography/sound, photography, retro iron, and the list goes on! Recently, I was introduced to “The 6.5 Guys” – Ed and Steve, who run a popular YouTube channel and website that’s all about precision shooting. If you think about it hard, you may be able to guess their caliber of choice :).

Here’s the 6.5 guys talking about their match rifles:

6.5 Guys Match Rifles

Ed and Steve love precision shooting, but they also like to have fun with whatever they are doing which you will pick up on if you watch their videos. Ed and Steve are somewhat of opposites- you’ll may pick up this “odd couple” dynamic when you year them talk with each other (I think this makes them more interesting). Ed has a touch of OCD (I knew I liked him for some reason…) where Steve is a bit more “efficiency minded” and relaxed. Perhaps this is why they are such good friends- they are actually good for each other.

I have some exciting content coming up that will push my long-distance shooting skills to the limit, and I’m going to work with the 6.5 guys to enter this new (beyond 1000 yards) territory. More on that project shortly! In addition to precision shooting, you’ll also find reloading content on the 6.5 guys’ YouTube channel and website. Here’s an example of the kind of practical information you’ll find related to reloading:

Oh, and speaking of like-minded- Ed happens to own and drive my “favorite big-finned detroit iron” – the super-clean and super-sleek 1960 Cadillac! Un-molested and original the way it should be: in fact- it still wears the original interior!

1960 Cadillac

Look for the 6.5 guys in upcoming content- we’re going to have a lot of fun shooting and reloading together, and I’ll share those experiences with you all.


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