RCBS Pro Chucker Presses Have Arrived

The day has finally come! It’s not too often that new progressive reloading “systems” are introduced, and this year RCBS is doing that with the all new “Pro Chucker” presses – available in 5-station and 7-station variants (and you can even convert them back and forth without buying a new press). After working with RCBS to get ahold of some of the first units for a while now, I’m really excited to announce that the equipment has arrived, and I’ll be producing an extensive series of blog posts and videos covering these exciting new products.

RCBS Pro-Chucker 5 and Pro-Chucker 7 presses and gear
RCBS Pro-Chucker 5 and Pro-Chucker 7 presses and gear

Here’s some of what I’m planning:

  • Unboxing posts/videos
  • Press setup and overview posts/videos
  • Pistol reloading posts/videos
  • Rifle reloading posts/videos
  • Caliber changeovers and other highlights
  • Comparison to RCBS Pro-2000

If you have anything else you’d like to see, please leave a comment on this post. This is going to be a lot of fun, so please subscribe if you haven’t already done so!


12 thoughts on “RCBS Pro Chucker Presses Have Arrived”

  1. Gavin:
    I’m excited to see your review of the new RCBS progressive presses. In addition to your list of planned posts/videos, please consider doing a side-by-side comparison of the new RCBS presses with similar products from red and blue. For some time, it seems to me, the only serious alternatives for volume pistol reloading have been Dillon or Hornady products. For me, the RCBS Pro 2000 never quite made it into the top tier, although there are those who love the Pro 2000.
    RCBS, after ATK recently spun off their outdoor products divisions into VistaOutdoors, has a great line-up of quality brands, including Alliant powders. They have lots of engineering and product design depth and should be set to produce a great progressive press. I’m really looking forward to your review, with my checkbook in hand. Seven is two better than five!
    All the best,

  2. Gavin…..I look forward to your videos on the setup and review of the new Pro Chucker presses from RCBS! I’ve learned so much about reloading from your videos and I expect nothing less from the new ones on this system. It’s unfortunate I won’t be able to afford one at this time.

    Quick question…..some time ago, I sent a suggestion that you review the Tube Priming Conversion Kit for the Pro2000 Progressive Press. Do you think you’ll find the time to produce a video on this Pro2000 add-on? I ask because I had such SIGNIFICANT issues setting mine up and getting it to work properly that I just put it back in my cabinet and started using the APS strip priming system again.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!!!

  3. Woohoo! Been waiting for this! Looking at upgrading to the pro chucker or a Dillon 650.

    I like how clean and simple the new rcbs press looks.

    Ultimately, I’ll decide based on the content on ultimate reloader.

    Can’t wait! I really need a new press!

    Ps. Did the case feeder make it out with the release of the press?

  4. Gavin; Also looking forward to seeing the setups. I really want to see the 7-station with Powder Cop, Bullet Feed, Seat & Crimp stations. Also echoing Chris to see how the Case Feeder will fit into the setup. Then since October is coming, we can look forward to a ‘FrankenLoader’ edition!

  5. The only review I’ve seen so far is generally positive, but the primer slide is *plastic* and has broken several times. RCBS also seems to still be unwilling to sell the 7 station ‘tool heads’/die plates without a Uniflow, so the 7 station caliber conversions are on the expensive side.

    One thing I’m very interested in is how you would adjust the press as shell plates and the press wear over time – in particular, the indexing.

  6. The anticipation is literally killing me!! I cannot wait to see the details about this press. That and everything Brian C says sounds fantastic to me as well!

    Good stuff, Gavin. Thanks!!!

  7. Very excited about the new content. The two brief/early user-reviews I’ve seen in forums so far have both commented that the primer slide has rough motion that over-stresses it and soon caused the guide nob on the primer slide to break. Hopefully it is a fluke, but have you had similar or different experiences as you’ve begun trying it out?

    On a side note, I just wanted to thank you for the site and the tremendous resource you’ve created. I’m still new to reloading, and this site had been one of my favorite places to learn about it.


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