It’s Official, RCBS Pro Chucker 5 and 7 Content Coming!


I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the new progressive reloading presses from RCBS. I have been working with RCBS on planning a series of content that will highlight the new “RCBS Pro Chucker 5” and the “RCBS Pro Chucker 7” progressive reloading presses. I am happy to announce that Ultimate Reloader will be getting these presses in when they are available. I’m planning extensive blog/video coverage, and hope to give everyone all of the info they may need about these new presses.

RCBS Pro-Chucker 5 5-station auto-inexing progressive reloading press
RCBS Pro-Chucker 5 5-station auto-inexing progressive reloading press
RCBS Pro-Chucker 7 7-station auto-inexing progressive reloading pres
RCBS Pro-Chucker 7 7-station auto-inexing progressive reloading press

If you have specific ideas for content, please leave a comment here! I’ll share more information when available. Thanks everyone!


25 thoughts on “It’s Official, RCBS Pro Chucker 5 and 7 Content Coming!”

  1. I’ve been through the entire line of progressive presses starting with the Lee Loadmaster. I’ve been using the Dillon 650 for the past couple of years but find myself using my Lyman turret press most often because it’s so simple to use and set up. However, RCBS represents such high quality and simplicity that I might be encouraged to make a change. I’m looking forward to your reviews. RCBS is typically not cheap but it’s probably going to be less than the Dillon. Many reloaders like RCBS because of the strip priming system but this system is apparently not part of the new RCBS progressive press.

  2. I have been using the RCBS Pro 2000 for the last 4 years an I love how simple it is to set -up an change from one caliber to another.The customer service at RCBS is outstanding!!!

  3. I just transitioned into the progressive stage of reloading and I will say that I like it. I went with a Dillon RL550B with manual indexing and for me, it is the best reloader I have ever used.

  4. I have RCBS presses starting with a Model B, Model A-2 and, a 40 year old Rock Chucker that I still use. For progressives I have a Dillon Square Deal and a Hornady LNL. Absolutely LOVE that LNL. Knowing RCBS like I do, I am anxious to see the new Pro 5 and 7 presses. I imagine they are TOP NOTCH products. Customer service is outstanding equal to ANY other press company.

  5. OK, so I’m going to blame it on the poor picture quality, but it looks like a Hornady AP without the LNL functionality. Of course the videos and blogs will point out the differences.

  6. I’d like to know the inherent advantages/disadvantages as compared to the Hornady LNL AP and the Dillon XL 650.

  7. Looking forward to your review. Using all 5 stations on my Dillon 650 is one short for the bullet loader that I want to add. The 7-station RCBS could be the answer. When you do the review, please take a realistic look at the difficulty of changing over from one caliber to another.

      1. Gavin: Watching your videos, you seem to make the caliber conversion process and basic set-up of the progressive presses seem straightforward, As if these were an easy, two-minute evolution. When I do it, it seems to take forever to get everything “dialed in” to produce consistent rounds without glitches in the production run. I attribute this to my inexperience and to a complex design of the Dillon 650. I also own, and love, my Redding T-7. While not a progressive, it is rock solid. If Redding built a progressive, I’d buy one in a heartbeat. So I’m hoping the new RCBS may fill the bill.
        I generally de-prime and size my brass (9mm and .45ACP) on the T-7, then set up my Dillon 650 with auto case feed as follows:
        stage1- deprime/size (pin removed) 2- prime, powder drop, 3- powder check, 4-bullet set to depth, 5- crimp.
        With one more stage I would add a bullet feeder at 4 then 5, set to depth and 6, crimp.
        Again, thanks for your work. It’s an inspiration to be able to watch a pro at work.

  8. Follow on to Chris’s comment:
    How about a survey of progressive owners, what are the best and worst features of each press?


  9. Great news!

    RCBS makes good stuff. And even though Im not ready to just sell off my LnL with case feeder, this looks like a decent set of presses.

  10. Gavin……change your caption on the picture attributed to me to Clayton Erickson’s Photobucket account.

  11. Any word on a release date for this thing yet? I’m looking to upgrade! This looks promising!

  12. My 30-year-old Rock Chucker is still a joy to use, but it’s a bit slow for my volume of shooting. So, a few years ago, I added an RCBS Pro2000 Auto Index Progressive Press to my bench.

    However, I never got my Pro2000 to work reliably enough that I could trust it to make safe ammo. I finally gave up and put it back in the box. I have too much self-respect to sell or gift it to anyone, so it takes up space on a shelf in my reloading room. Naturally, I can’t give it positive reviews to other reloaders.

    Now, I see that the RCBS Pro Chucker 5/7 Progressive Press has been introduced. My big question is, why should I give RCBS another chance and buy this new RCBS press instead of a Dillon 650?

  13. I started reloading at 12 years old with a hand held Lee 12 gauge loader. I am 63 now, and progressed from the Lee to an RCBS Jr. press, then on to a Rock Chucker and then adding a Piggyback to the Chucker, then on to the AmmoMaster of which I now still have and use 4 of them. In addition to those, I have an RCBS Turret press along with an RCBS Grand 12 gauge loader. Yes I love the green machines. Nothing but Green for me. I am a current NRA reloading instructor and teach my students on what I have described above. They are easy to teach on and students quickly gain confidence with them. And as an instructor and active 3 Gun Competition shooter, I have loaded many thousands of rounds on all that equipment with hardly a glitch. I am about ready for something new from RCBS and the Pro Chucker 5 & 7 looks like it. If your report on these two new presses tells me what I am expecting from RCBS, I will have 4 “used” AmmoMaster presses for sale. I look forward to reading your reports.
    Shoot Safe…….

  14. I am using RCBS ROCK CHUCKER for more than 2 years and its still working great. I want to know more user reviews for RCBS Pro Chucker 5 and 7. I am really interested in using an RCBS Pro Chucker.

  15. I would like to know if you have any reviews or videos of the Rock Chucker Pro 7 yet. I have been a loyal RCBS reloader for most of my adult life. Always using 2 single stage Rock Chuckers.
    I really want to upgrade to progressive, I have always liked RCBS products.

    Lastly do you have any word yet on a case feeder?

    Thank you


  16. Your site is the most informative, professional and helpful out there.
    Thorough explanation on how they work and function, weaknesses and strong points. Very clear, precise and well done.
    The variety of equipment you review is just incredible.

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