RCBS Grand Shotshell Loader Part V: Unloading Powder and Shot

Call me impatient- but I just can’t stand working with machinery that wasn’t designed for workflow, productivity, and maintenance. While working with the RCBS GRAND shotshell press recently I was impressed by some features that make it obvious that RCBS engineers actually use their equipment, and therefore their products to be both easy to use and easy to work on. One of the features that I’ve enjoyed working with on the RCBS GRAND is the powder and shot measure draining feature.

Draining shot with the RCBS GRAND - Image copyright 2014 Ultimate Reloader
Draining shot with the RCBS GRAND – Image copyright 2014 Ultimate Reloader

In order to drain the shot measure or the powder measure, you just install a hose (as seen in the above image), put the hose into a container (shot bag or powder canister for instance), and then rotate the measure. In a short period of time, the measure will empty itself. Once the measure is empty, you just cycle the press with a hull under each station a few times to empty the cavity (bushing) that measures/dispenses each drop of shot or powder. There’s a trick that I show in the video that helps to get the shot fully unloaded:

I liked this feature enough that I decided to publish a dedicated post and video to cover it. I love it when engineers think like I do: with functionality in mind!


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