Hodgdon Overhauls Reloading Data Center

It goes without saying that reloading data is one of the most important aspects of reloading for pistol, rifle, and shotgun. I spend a lot of time finding and keeping track of load data– it’s an imperative part of how I manage my workflow and cartridge knowledge base. In case you haven’t seen it yet, Hodgdon has recently completed a major overhaul of their load data web interface, and I’ll have to say that it’s both super-clean, and easy to use.

Hodgdon load data is available for pistol, rifle, and shotgun, all in one place!

**Note: be sure that you have read and understood Hodgdon’s warnings and terms of use before you enter the guide or reference load data shown in this article. You can read it the first time you access any of the pages, here for example.

Here’s a screenshot of the new load data center with 45 ACP selected as viewed on my PC :

Hodgdon Load Data Center - 45 ACP options
Hodgdon Load Data Center – 45 ACP options

When you select the bullet weight, powder brand, and specific powder, you’ll be presented with load data as seen here:

Example load data for 45 ACP for 230 grain bullets with Hodgdon HP-38 powder selected
Example load data for 45 ACP for 230 grain bullets with Hodgdon HP-38 powder selected

From this view you can also easily print or email load data – a nice feature so that you can save data for future reference or share with friends. If you are looking for load data, check out this new “modern” load data center from Hodgdon!

Hodgdon Load Data Center


13 thoughts on “Hodgdon Overhauls Reloading Data Center”

  1. I’ve always thought of Hodgdon as having one of the better sites for reloading data. Yet this appears to be a great improvemnt. I can only hope several of the powder manufacturers take note and improve their sites as well. A plus for everyone!!

  2. Wow, what a great improvement. Bravo Hodgdon! Now if I could only find some powder so I could the new interface to good use…

  3. Well at least there doing something right. Its obvious that there not making powder anymore. Oh did I prick somebody. Dont worry be happy load your brass with an imaginary powder that doesnt exist anymore. Maybe It’s Obamas fault. NO cant be our Gun Supplier’s have decided to sell to everyone except the public that supported them all these years. How much is enough. Fear Monger sounds like a good Powder Name to me. Ill buy 200 pounds of fear monger 308 please, ill give you free data loads for some overpriced powder. Tankyou, ohmygod, yousobootifull, can I kiss your Socialistic a_ _. What do you get when you cross a Capitalist Pig and A Socialist Pig? A really fat Pig with an Overbite. The breed of a Shithzu Pig.

  4. Hodgdon’s previous data center was far superior to the new one. What a giant step backward…
    On the previous site, you could search by caliber/bullet weight and see all of the powders you could use for that caliber/bullet. Not any more! You have to be too specific in your request to see data.
    Or you could search by powder, and see what caliber it would work with. Not any more!
    The previous version was great. It gave you a broad range of data. I’m going to miss it…
    Get a grip Michael…take a business course; learn what happens when you run your machines 7/24 and you still don’t make enough product. And learn about venture capital; plus, find out why it takes 7 years to build a new plant so you can increase your output…and then ask yourself why anybody would even be in the powder business with all of the commies in Washington DC wanting to shut them down…

    1. You can still pick a caliber/weight and get all the powders that’ll work – pick your caliber, pick your weight, leave no option checked for powders then hit “get data”. Step 2, 3 and 4 don’t require a value to get results. You can still do a fairly broad search too. For example if you pick a caliber then hit “get data” with no other values added you’ll get every possible combination of powder/bullet weight they have data for in that particular caliber.

  5. Personally I love the new format. I especially like the “add cartridge” tab for side by side comparison when deciding on a powder to try. I was there yesterday looking for an economical powder to use for my cast bullets in .357 and .44. I use a 125gr in .357 so I set up one tab for that then set up a second tab for the 200gr I use in .44. I could click back and forth between the tabs to compare charge weights and pressures for any powder common between the two.

  6. you should be greatful that you are getting one of the best powders in the world from a small country like australia as we are having a hard time getting powder and firearms.

    these powders have been test at all different tempareture’s and have a very low change in mpi when your firearm has been zeroed

    1. I have used your power since 1956 and love it, I also like the way you make up your charts with all needed info except the temperature’s, maybe not needed with the new power. any way you make a great power and do a great job in this field I thank you

  7. In the past years I reloaded my 44mag rifle with Hii0 at 26.0 grs, great load. I reloaded to the new chart of 29.0 grs at 29.2 grs I don’t think I have pressure signs, however after 5 shots my barrel is so hot I cant touch it. can I still reload at 26.0 grs with out worry ? Thank you for your time in helping me.

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