A few Hornady 366 Tips and Tricks: Bench Integration, Primer Shutoff

I’ve been using the Hornady 366 for a while now, and have tweaked a few things and completed some setup tasks that I thought I’d share with you all. Now that I’ve completed these setup work-items, the 366 is running smooth, and operation is super-convenient.

UR Reloading Bench Integration

I’ve gotten a ton of requests for more information about my reloading bench system (don’t worry, I have more planned on that topic). For the Hornady 366, I went through the normal steps integrating the press with my quick-change quick-slide T-track bench system, and a 366-specific exploration (shell ejection). These steps include:

  1. Figuring out the proper distances for the press relative to the bench (clearance for handle and linkage when cycled, etc)
  2. Glue together a doubled-up 3/4″ hardwood plywood baseplate blank (1.5″ thick total)
  3. Cut in side slots, install backside T-nuts with reliefs
  4. Cut shell drop-through hole and build up shell guide funnel
  5. Apply a coat of urethane (let dry over night)
  6. Bolt down press

She’s looking good!

Hornady 366 integrated with UR quick-change bench system - Image copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader
Hornady 366 integrated with UR quick-change bench system – Image copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader

After the “above bench” integration activities were completed, I finished the project by adding a drain pipe elbow and akro-bin holder below the press to catch the ejected shells:


Shell catcher for the Hornady 366 - Image copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader
Shell catcher for the Hornady 366 – Image copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader

With the press fully integrated it’s now an easy matter to remove/replace the press from the bench and reloading shotshells is a seamless process.

Hornady 366 Easy Primer Shutoff Upgrade

As I started setting up and reloading with the Hornady 366 shotshell press, I quickly realized that a primer shutoff would be an important upgrade for this press. Without it, you get a stream of primers while cycling the press during setup, run-up, and run-down. I had a quick look online and found some existing solutions, but didn’t find anything super-simple or super-cheap. While looking at the press (sometimes I just stare at a reloading press to formulate ideas) I noticed the threaded portion on the lower primer tube (feeder) above the locknut. “Looks like there’s room for one more nut up there” I thought to myself. So I rummaged through my SAE “fine” box of nuts and bolts and found a 1/2″ x 20 TPI nut to use on the 366 lower primer tube. The following animation shows how this system works:

Animation: Hornady 366 primer feed in off (high) and on (low) positions – Copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader

Setting up and operating this primer shutoff is simple:

  1. Remove the upper primer tube (or just the primer collator from the top of the tube).
  2. Thread on and tighten the second 1/2″ x 20 TPI nut using a 3/4″ wrench – priming is “on” when bottom nut is tightened against press casting.
  3. To turn off priming: Loosen the lower nut, spin the lower primer tube a couple turns anticlockwise.
  4. To turn on priming: Spin the lower primer tube until lower nut contacts press casting. Tighten lower nut with 3/4″ wrench.

This press upgrade should cost about $.25, is super-fast and also preserves your primer tube depth setting between “on/off” transitions. If you have a Hornady 366 press, try it out!

While I’m sure that I’ll have other updates, this set of press tweaks and upgrades has gotten me off to a great start. My how I love getting my tools setup and organized!



6 thoughts on “A few Hornady 366 Tips and Tricks: Bench Integration, Primer Shutoff”

  1. Thank you. This is a start on how to build my reloading bench. Was there any earlier information that I have missed on building a reloading bench, and where might find the information.

  2. Gavin,

    I have completed putting together my new reloading bench from the old one that I had been using. I am looking for the track system that you use

  3. Nice upgrades… primer shut off is a must but an even easier solution is to use a soft foam expanding earplug inserted up the tube when no primer is desired. Works like a charm and easily removed when ready for another primer.

  4. Do you think securing the upper nut with Locktite to the primer tube threads to maintain the adjustment would be a good idea?

  5. Gavin, I have a ponsness/ warren 800 plus shotshell reloaded. How did you mount your Hornady 366 loader to the plywood with bolts. Did you recess the bolts on the bottom piece of plywood. Thanks Michael

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