Coming soon to a home theatre near you! AR-15 Rifle Build DVD!

**Update: The DVDs have arrived, and are now available for purchase here: Thanks everyone!

Hello everyone! Over the last month, I’ve been working on an exciting new project: my first production DVD. This DVD is what I call a “Web-Series” DVD which brings together a collection of content originally published on Ultimate Reloader onto a DVD so that you can watch it anywhere, and have it in your library long term. The first “Web Series” DVD will be the complete collection of AR-15 rifle build videos from the AR-MPR AR-15 Multi-purpose precision rifle project.

Coming Soon:

This is a high-quality production, featuring videos that were shot in HD, with off-camera sound, etc. This complete AR-15 assembly DVD will be value priced at $14.50, and should go on sale next week (about 02/08/2012 if all goes well). If you would like to see an overview of what’s included on the DVD, you can check out the product page here:

More details to come!


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  1. Hey 🙂 and dont`t forget to add showing how the Quick Change Powder Through Expander Linkage works 😉

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