Dillon XL-650 Quick Switch Kit – Magnum/Special

As tinkering guys, we are always looking to make our machinery smoother, faster, better, and more efficient. If there’s a way to squeeze more out of our equipment, chances are one of us will think of a way to make that happen! One of these tinkerers is Doug Williams. Doug is a big fan of Dillon reloading equipment, and he had a thought- what if I could use the same toolhead for both my “Special” loads, and my “Magnum” loads (38/357 or 44spl/44mag). Setting up dies is enjoyable the first time, but not so enjoyable when switching between special loads and magnum loads.

Doug has devised a special set of toolheads for Dillon reloading machines (currently for the 550b and the XL-650) that feature a flippable spacer that adjusts the height of the toolhead in the press to compensate for the difference in case length between the special brass and the magnum brass for 44 and 38/357. That way you can keep your dies, powder measure, and powder checker die in one toolhead, and use them for both special and magnum brass. A great idea!

XL-650 quick switch kit contents - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

The above picture shows what you get with the kit. In the box are instructions and info, the CNC machined toolhead (which is VERY nicely machined!), and the flippable spacer.

Here’s a closeup of the toolhead and spacer:

XL-650 quick switch toolhead closeup - Image copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

I love to see people innovating in their reloading rooms, and after using the adjustable toolhead, I think it’s a great product. I used it for 38 Special to 357 Magnum switchover, and put together an HD video for you all showing it in use:

If you are interested in ordering this product, here is the information you’ll need, from Doug:

I keep a 550B version ($50) and a 650 version ($55) listed on ebay or will sell direct with contact through email dougwilliams@embarqmail.com and payment through paypal. Shipping for one or two toolheads to any US address is $5 and most international addresses is $14.

Do you have experience with this kit, or other Dillon “aftermarket” gear? Please leave a comment!


13 thoughts on “Dillon XL-650 Quick Switch Kit – Magnum/Special”

  1. Very nice. I may have to purchase the 38/357 kit.

    Do you know if Doug is going to make a kit for 40/10mm? Thanks

  2. Looks interesting. Why do you need another spacer under the sizing die since the whole toolhead height was changed? I must be missing something…

    1. Jay- if you don’t use the spacer, when you move the dies up for 357 mag, the sizer will not size the full length of the case. Not a really big deal, but you could end up with some bulging issues.

    2. The round spacer is not needed. When moving from the Special to the Magnum position you simply swap the position of the kit pieces, raise the press ram to the top, loosen your size die lock ring, run the size die down a couple of turns to touch the shell plate and tighten the size die lock nut. It takes about 30 seconds if you’re slow. Reverse the process to move from Magnum to Special. If you use a spacer ring you have to completly remove the size die to remove the ring. The size die is a no brainer adjustment. Just make it touch the shell plate at top of travel. Gavin, I’ll post my email here and invite any questions from your readers involving my Adjustable toolheads for Dillon 550b’s and 650’s. Doug Williams dougwilliams@embarqmail.com Thank You

  3. Hi Gavin and everyone else,
    I’m pleased to announce that the 40 S&W to 10mm version of my adjustable toolhead is now available. This version ALSO works for switching 45 ACP to 45 GAP. This has been the most requested addition to my line and was too long in coming. The problem was finding stainless steel in the proper thickness for the .142 difference in the two calibers. Grinding down a thicker material made the kit too expensive. I did find a material that was about 1/3 the correct thickness and the solution was 3 spacers which are all used together. All 3 spacers on top for the shorter caliber and all 3 spacers on the bottom for the longer caliber. Gavin’s a much better videographer than I but my very amateur video is here:

    Thanks Gavin for the review and Thanks to everyone else for their interest. I’m dougwilliams@embarqmail.com
    Happy and SAFE Reloading
    Doug Williams

  4. Hello u are pretty awesome to come up with the stuff u do like delux kit 38/357 ,it’s $55 for 650 do u have 10mm 40s&w?my friend is machinist and i keep telling him to make one or to make a cup for live primers that fall on floor,it would be easy enough,instead of that ski ramp,why would dillion not fix i have no clue,well it in ables smart people like u,good job ,keep up the good work,when i order parts i go to u instead of Dillion.U seem to have more in stock than them,Good job!!!

  5. Doug, i am trying to order the quick switch kit for the dillon 650xl for the
    44 spl/ 44 mag. for 55.00 plus the 5.00 for shipping, please let me know
    how to do this i have tried but not been successful so for. hope that this
    will get to you. thanks john.

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